The Hypocritical Decision On Julian Assange [The Dispatch]

Julian Assange will not be extradited to the United States from the United Kingdom! On January 4th, 2021 UK Judge Vanessa Baraister said she cannot extradite Julian Assange to the United States because if he’s put into prison, the abhorrent & inhumane conditions will likely cause him to commit suicide. On January 4, 2021, after hearing this news, Mike Pompeo is the first human being in history to literally shit a brick. Now throughout this whole show trial Judge Baraister has been…what’s the British way to put this…unkind & callous & a down right bitch to Assange. She’s called him a narcissist, which is only the second worst thing he’s been called. 

This is absolutely a win for Julian but it’s also for a win for everyone in the States that has been fighting against the Prison Industrial Complex. For the first time, we have an official judge saying that American prison system is a crime against humanity and she wouldn’t even wish it on her worst enemy, which in this case seems to be Julian Assange. On an international stage it was stated that the American Prison system does not rehabilitate but rather emotionally & mentally breaks you down as a person. The fact that the United States uses solitary confinement as a method of punishment, something the rest of the world considers torture, means that no human being should be forced to endure such atrocities in the name of justice. 

And for anyone that hasn’t realized this just yet, this is the same Prison Industrial Complex that’s part of the mass incarceration programs that both President-Elect, Joe Biden & Vice Present-Elect Kamala Harris created and championed throughout their careers. This is something they have said on numerous occasions that they are proud of! These two so called leaders have taken pride in the creation and operations of a system that has tortured and taken the lives of millions. This means they are sociopaths who are actually think a Suicide-Torture Complex is good for humanity but more importantly it’s good for America & helps us build back better. Listen, crumbling infrastructure won’t build itself. So clearly prison labor camps are the only solution! These types of people should not be in charge of anything that contains a Carbon atom in fear they might torture the electrons for the crime of being too negative and then tell us how proud they are of protecting the subatomic. 

Don’t worry, the Biden Administration is already figuring out a way to blame Russia, while exiling Assange to a remote island near China so they can spin a false narrative that he’s a Communist spy who’s trying to assassinate Uncle Sam from your patriotic hearts!

Over the last 2-3 years, myself along with a plethora of comedians, journalists, politicians, & even a UN Rappateaur on Torture has said Julian Assange’s mental health has been degrading during his asylum and become even worse since his prolonged confinement at Belmarsh Prison. Assange has been in deep depression, had suicidal thoughts and has been diagnosed with a mild case of autism. Assange was illegally taken to Belmarsh, a maximum security UK prison, over skipping bail over a case that has been dropped 3 times for lack of evidence. This is just like putting people in prison for life over the possession of a plant the United States government doesn’t understand, because the plant, when smoked or ingested, causes euphoria and feelings of not committing war crimes ever 2.8 seconds. Clearly these things are way too dangerous.

And Assange has been tortured throughout this process too. He was spied on during his time in the Ecuadorian Embassy by UC Global on behalf of the CIA. Which means UC Global CEO David Morales and members of the CIA have watched Julian Assange poop and masturbate, making them peeping Toms with a security clearance. During his trial he was kept in a glass box in the back of courtroom, unable to defend himself or figure out what was going on. Cannibals and Serial Killers are given more respect in a court room than this! And his time in Belmarsh has been riddled with the cold, long periods of solitude and guards who remain unmasked and are contracting COVID. These are just a few examples of how Assange has been a victim of torture thanks to the United States, which seems to have a black belt in torture. A belt which is uses to consistently gag the First Amendment without consent.   

As of January 6, 2021, the same judge that said she can’t extradite Assange to the United States, in fear that he’d commit suicide from prison conditions has denied Assange bail, keeping him Belmarsh Prison under the pretense that he’s a flight risk. She also stated the that United States can appeal her decision. And the US has a great defense! Mental Health isn’t real. It’s just something cowards made up to excuse their weakness. America is a nation of powerful men, and sometimes they let women talk too, which makes them benevolent. And autism is just a fancy way of saying of “can’t have a beer with him!” And in America if you can’t have a beer someone then they’re probably Russian trying to steal your freedoms! Mic drop, get the shackles on Assange and someone do something about Pompeo’s torture erection. 

Assange’s lawyers fought back and suggested he be put on house arrest with an ankle monitor that has a GPS tracking device, but the Judge wasn’t having any of it. I mean come on! He could very easily hack the monitor and reprogram it to spread Russia juice all of the UK! There’d be tiny Putins everywhere consuming liberties and turning all the tea into vodka! Oh won’t someone think of the children!

The decision to stop Assange’s extradition because of the negative effect it would have on his mental health but then deny him bail to keep him in the prison that has deteriorated his mental health calls the Judge’s mental health into question. With a new more contagious strain of SARS-CoV-2 spreading around the UK, why put Assange in conditions that will not only continue to negatively impact his mental health but also put his physical health in danger! This is so illogical that Vulcans in a distant solar system have collectively had a brain aneurism. 

Not only that but during the extradition hearing, she validated the oligarchy’s claim that he’s a hacker, with no proof. She cited the one CNN article about Assange in a decade, which I broke down to be a farce earlier this year, as evidence that he’s dangerous to Democracy. Look, CNN is to journalism as Zack Snyder is to the DC universe. The only understand a fraction of what’s going on and use their mediums as means of propaganda and ruin everything they touch. CNN article printed blatant lies that were debunked about a man who’s never had to retract a statement, because he that’s his job. Comedians have more journalistic integrity than anyone on CNN. 

If you’re going to claim that Julian Assange is not a journalist then you better add Rachel Maddow, Anderson Cooper, Jake Tapper, Wolf Blitzer, the New York Times staff, the Bezos owned Washington Post and every one that is, has worked for and ever will work work for Fox News to that list too. Till then, Julian Assange remains to be one of the best and most ethical journalists and publishers on the planet! 

There is only one end result to this show trial, if you care about press freedoms and upholding the Constitution. Pardon Julian Assange & set him free. At this point he’s going to need to recover from state sponsored trauma and torture. Wikileaks will continue do the work they do. Assange needs care and if this Judge doesn’t free him, then she doesn’t care about press freedoms but more importantly, she doesn’t care to preserve what little humanity the criminal justice system may have. 

Pardon Assange & Free Assange!