Biden’s Cabinet Is Using Identity Politics As A Distraction [The Dispatch]

Joe Biden is putting together his Cabinet. Ok so it sounds like he went to Ikea and bought himself a Smoosmk and accidentally went live while building it and CNN made it front page news. And honestly, that doesn’t sound too farfetched based on how much of a joke corporate media really is. Since late November, Joe Biden has been promising the most diverse cabinet in the history of American History. His claim is to make a cabinet that looks like America! 

And this sounds so refreshing! Finally a Cabinet filled with average Americans from all race, creeds, genders and sexual orientation that will put forth ideals and will of the people over profit. And the second he made his first announcement, we knew that all this administration is doing hiding their pro-war, pro-corporate agendas under the thin veil of identity politics. They’re using Black & Brown men & women as scapegoats to fool the American people into believing endless wars, Wall St. bailouts and an erratic criminal justice system is for the good of America, as they begin to conflate real protests for social justice & progress as domestic terrorism. 

One of the earliest appointments announced was Neera Tanden to the Office of Management & Budgets or the OMB. Neera Tanden is the Indian American former CEO of the Democratic Think Tank, the Center for American Progress. And as their titles would suggest, they did think about progress…mostly for the enrichment of the American Empire. Tanden has worked closely with the Clintons and the Obamas fueling their need for wars and ensuring that less Americans get healthcare by fighting against the Affordable Care Act…after she helped get it passed the way we know it be now. She accepted donations from America’s Health Insurance Plans, who tried to demolish it. 

This appointment not only goes against every citizen of America but also against Joe Biden who has been championing the Affordable Care Act to be the guiding light to retrieve the soul of America. The OMB manages the budgets of the President, which means she will likely cut funding for anything that relates to American getting healthcare. Neera Tanden believes you need to earn your health. It’s not a right, but a gift you receive after you pledge allegiance to the United States of Clinton…I mean America. 

The Center For American Progress or CAP has also taken money from Saudi Arabia, a nation that is #1 in human rights violations and produces the most amount of Shahs in the world. I think the logic here is that if America takes the Saudis money, then they can purchase the human rights violations and become #1! The important thing that Neera Tanden helps bring America to #1…doesn’t matter in what. Just that it is #1! But don’t worry the Saudis aren’t the only ones that Neera Tanden’s organization has taken money from. It includes various large banking corporations, the war profiteers Northrop Grumman, the United Arab Emirates and George Soros. The motto of the CAP is “Give us all the money, especially if it’s covered in blood!”

Neera Tanden also famously said that Libya needs to be invaded and attacked because they have America’s oil. Neera Tanden is the human personification of Manifest Destiny in brown face. Her argument was that America can use the oil profits to pull us out of the deficit, if not her recommendation was to cut Social Programs. What a fantastic Sophie’s choice the champions of Capitalism pose! Either we engage in a war for resources, killing thousands of civilians as casualties of war, or cut social programs the American working class needs. 

Every Indian person should be insulted that her skin tone is being used to erase her past of neoliberalism and war mongering. With her at the helm of the OMB, it’s very likely that America will increase it’s War Budget and start invading more countries under guise of Democracy. Democracies are not created at the end result of a war. And for those of you saying “What about America?”, you’re wrong. America is not and never was a Democracy. It is an oligarchy, just a little more compartmentalized than most. 

Don’t forget the only time White Supremacy was deemed a domestic terror issue is when they stormed one of the oligarchy’s oldest castles where the Yas Queen of Ice Cream and the Turtle King preside! Till then the establishment was fine with cops with hand in hand with organizations that are pro-extermination of POCs. 

Neera Tanden is part of long line of co-opted Indian Americans like Bobby Jindal, Nikki Haley, & Ajit Pai who only care about corporatism and acquiring power for themselves. Power that they will use to make other suffer by cutting their healthcare, decreasing social programs and increasing wars. None of what she believes and stands for is remotely left wing. She is a right wing autocrat that now controls Joe Biden’s wallet. She’ll be dictating what his weekly allowance is. “Did Joey oppress the working class today? Did he say Socialism is as bad as murder? Good boy! Here’s a new pair aviators and your dog back!”

The only Indian American in politics that’s worth her salt is Seattle City Councilwoman and outspoken Socialist Kshama Sawant.   

This appointment alone should’ve dispelled any myth that Joe Biden can be pushed to the left. It should’ve solidified that he’s a Republican war hawk. But let’s keep going, because the thin veil of identity politics doesn’t come off as easy as one might think from complacent liberal eyes.

Retired African American General Lloyd Austin has been picked as the Secretary of Defense. Relax everyone, he retired in 2016 to get on the board of Raytheon, a weapons contractor responsible for the death of millions, so I’m sure he’ll be objective when it comes to war and national security. Well objective as long as the price is right. And when it comes to war and weapons contractors, the price is always right for an endless war.  

Now I’m sure some of you are saying, “Hold up, you need to be retired from the military for 7 years in order to serve in a Cabinet especially if you’re in charge of the Pentagon”, and you’d be right. But don’t worry, Biden’s Congress will approve him with no problem. We have wars to run and coups to plan…well coups in other countries who are giving their citizens more rights and social programs than America is. They’re making us look bad! Giving people food, shelter & healthcare, while the so called greatest Democracy on Earth is crippling its citizens with medical debts. Don’t they know nobody can be better than America. If these countries start treating their citizens way better than America then what is America going to do with all those business cards it printed saying “America is the #1 country of all time”. 

And as if his connection to Raytheon wasn’t bad enough, he was in command of a unit in Iraq that committed heinous war crimes which included killing naked Iraqi children & adults. Neera Tanden wanted to award him with the Center of American Progress’ most prestigious award, the Prize For Progressing Peace Award. But that’s not all, Austin was also in-charge of troops that destroyed villages in Syria, bombed hospitals in Afghanistan and backed the Saudis in the genocide in Yemen. 

But he’s the first Black man that’s ever been the Secretary of Defense. Has anyone considered that no black person has ever wanted this job because it involves the death of your conscience, justification of war and being too casual about casualties of war. 

A Obama & Clinton era economic advisor, Janet Yellen has been nominated for the position of Secretary of Treasury. Janet Yellen is not only the first woman to be the chair of the Federal Reserve and spearhead the position of the Secretary of Treasury. She has called for lower interest rates and was pushing for a bigger relief for the people during the pandemic. Now you could make the argument that the Fed itself could’ve taken the trillions they got and figured out a way to redistribute those funds back to the people. Or say that banks should cancel debts & interest rates with the amount of money they got.  

Beyond that, Janet Yellen helped corporations gain billions of dollars during this pandemic and in order ensure that the economy won’t fall into a deficit she’s willing to cut Medicaid, Medicare and various other social programs. Hey, maybe we should start another war with an oil rich country and take their oil for America’s profit! She did admit that during the 2008 crash, the government “let too much money out of the door”. Now if she’d like to make up for that, now would be the time to ensure people don’t lose their homes in the midst of the pandemic & perpetuate this problem even further. She can cancel rents, debt & ensure that Americans get a retroactive monthly payments. 

But she’s a Capitalist and got hired to keep that system the way it is. Janet Yellen is most likely going to ensure that the banks stay afloat as most of us lose our jobs, can’t pay bills and wind up homeless. But fear not, she will say that its bad that so many people are loosing their homes and jobs and that it is a concern we should all be concerned about, as she doles out another tax break to billionaires and a few trillion dollars to the Federal Reserve. 

Biden’s pick for Education Secretary, Miguel Cardona, has been responsible for Connecticut schools reopening and spreading COVID throughout the state. Though he’s got the endorsement some of Teacher’s Unions, the Rank & File of these unions have a different story. Teachers in Connecticut point out that he’s spent little to no time in a classroom, similar to his predecessor Betsy Devos, and has risen up the ranks to elitism. He stayed silent as schools reopened with almost not protective gear and Teachers that wanted to teach remotely were fired. 

It’s likely that Education won’t be the focus of the Education Secretary. Cardona seems like he cares more for profit margins than ensuring Educators have the tools necessary for children to learn. The only thing that differentiates him from Betsy Devos, other than his ethnicity, is a connection to a mercenary organization. 

Now these are only a few of the picks and I’m sure the rest of the appointments will be equally terrible for the people with the mask of identity politics. The silver lining here is that there’s a possibility that people might see the Democratic Party for what it is – A corporate pro-war party hell bent on enriching itself while others suffer…kinda like the Republicans. People might see that identity politics and the minority community are just being used to get votes and support for some of the worst domestic & foreign policies around. And when you criticize these people for who they are and what they’ve the members of the party viciously attack you with the empathy of a playground bully.