The Many Ways Capitalism Manufactures Poverty [The Dispatch]

Capitalism. Ever since we were kids we’ve been taught that Capitalism is the only economic system fit for a Democracy that gives everyone equal footing to better our lives and ourselves. Champions of Capitalism have often touted how this economic system has created jobs and provided your lives meaning and purpose, while you provide your family with food, shelter, water, health and recreation. These same champions claim that poverty is eradicated thanks to gifts that you earn through Capitalism. And more & more we are all realizing, all that was a steaming pile of horse shit. 

Debunking even most basic lies we were told about Capitalism is easy to do. Let’s start with jobs and just see where that leads. Now it is true that Capitalism has created jobs. But thanks to the exploitative nature of Capitalism, a job is not something you earn an income doing something you love and are passionate about, rather its something you begrudging go to everyday to provide basic needs for your families. It’s impossible to say you’re passionate about a job when most of us try to use the bathroom as often as we can to break the monotony of the day. Sure that sounds like you’re robbing your company of valued time, but in reality Capitalism is robbing the worker by exploiting their Labor day in and and day out. 

It’s basic math really. If someone has an idea to open a pizza shop but doesn’t know how to make a pizza, they need to hire employees that do. This boss would provide ingredients needed and a space to operate out of. If all that costs $1000, and the 2 employees pizza makers make an additional $2000 with their labor, the idea would be to give that amount to the worker. The boss gets their $1000 back to reinvest in more ingredients and the space, but in Capitalism they take a portion of the additional $2000 as profit for themselves. So the labor of the employees is effectively stolen. Each employee is only getting half of what they really earned, while the boss doubled their income. 

With this in mind, the more employees a boss gets, more profit they can steal and richer they can become. But the important thing to note, is they are stealing equally from every employee because Capitalists believe in fairness. Now this would make a little more sense if the boss was on the ground making pizzas but it’s unlikely that a boss actually knows how be a laborer in any industry. In the very beginning of a business enterprise, it could be true a boss is one with the worker, but eventually they start taking a background role and start exploiting the labor of workers.  

I get that’s a hyper simplified version of a company, and it’s not say that administrative work isn’t work, but that even the administrators and managers are getting exploited within Capitalism. And in a lot of cases this isn’t even how small businesses work, considering in most small businesses, the bosses are doing the work with their employees. 

The exploiters in this case are the Owners, family of owners and board of trustees made up of people that have likely never done a day of hard labor in their life. Look its hard work counting all the money you’ve effectively stole from your workers. And in some cases they have to put in overtime because there’s just that much wage theft! Ultimately that’s what Capitalists become, exploiters for the sake of infinite profits. And if you’re wondering how the CEO of a company today can make upwards of 400 times of what their minimum wage employee makes, this is how. 

And look I’m saying that these exploiters are dumb or anything. I think that exploitation is a sign of intelligence, but in my opinion, it’s the lowest form of intelligence. All they know how to do is make sure others do what they need and reap the benefits of that. The second the workers realize they’re being exploited and leave these folks have nothing they can fall back on. They don’t know how to do the labor that is required to make the product. They’ll be alone. At the end of the day, that’s the destiny of any Capitalist exploiter; loneliness with piles of money and nothing to buy and no one to sell to. 

Till then, these folks are living the American Dream that’s pitched to every single one of us. Get everything for nothing; Work so you don’t have to work. This is the snake eating itself. And again it’s fitting because that snake has no friends to help it cook a nice mouse for dinner, because that snake exploited all the others and is now alone…hungry and eating itself. 

Even if a job is something we do begrudgingly, the idea is that it pays the bill to helps us live comfortable lives, but even that’s not really true. In the early days of Capitalism, it was required for even Children to work at factories to help provide for the family. Kids weren’t kids, playing on the swings, they were workers with nimble fingers and the ability to earn a profit…for the bosses not the family. And even though these kids would work in the factory for pittances, they still believed in Santa because we have to preserve innocence somehow.   

Thanks to Socialists in the Labor Movement in the early 1900s, it was determined that children shouldn’t be working, but rather playing, learning and being…well kids. Today, kids don’t work…well until their 16 and their parents tell they need to work to buy their own video games and weed. Life is stressful for parents and weed can be expensive depending on your state or dealer, which is likely one of your kids friends. The Socialists in the Labor Movement also got Americans the weekend, which according to 80s music is what we’re working for. We’re not working to make ends meet, or our families, we’re working for the weekend. We’re working to not work. Boy this snake just can’t stop eating itself. 

The Labor Movement also put into place a 40 hour work week. Today most people also have 2 or even 3 jobs and we arrived to that through Capitalist exploitation as well. For a while Capitalists were pissed that workers had to be paid a living wage and treated like…well people. So in an effort to circumvent what the Socialists in the Labor Movement fought for, they started hiring part time workers, who’d work anywhere from 15-39 hours in a week. And because one company doesn’t make any employee work past 40 hours they’re not really breaking any laws. The average worker then has to work 7 days a week, up to 60 hours and there’s not a weekend in sight. 

While most workers aren’t seeing many weekends, the hip hop artist, the Weeknd was able to channel the spirt of Capitalism to spend millions of his own money to create a frivolous Super Bowl, during a time when American families are starving and waiting in modern day bread lines. It’s nice to see that somethings are working out really well for The Weeknd. If you ever needed to see the glaring reality of what Capitalism is, look no further than the Super Bowl & The Weeknd.

So the truth is that Capitalism doesn’t provide you with a job to help take care of your family, nor does it provide you with meaningful work. The mere fact that people have jobs is something that Champions of Capitalism have often said is enough proof that Capitalism is amazing. They claim that Americans are doing well considering the unemployment rate is so low. If people have more than one job, yeah it’s going to seem like unemployment is so low, because people are over-employed. Look, if your golden economy can’t run effectively with every person having one well paying job, then your system is failing. 

And it’s not like the unemployment rate is by any means accurate. As of December 2020, the Bureau of Labor claims the unemployment rate is at 6.7%. Throughout this pandemic we’ve heard that unemployment is at a record high, but the reports show that rather low. Part of the issue with calculating unemployment is that there’s actually no calculations for it. The Bureau of Labor claims its those without employment compared to civilian workforce. Investopedia claims its the amount of people looking for work, not the people who out of work. 

The GOP claims its amount of people looking for a handout. And with that definition the unemployment rate is 0%. None of us are looking for a handout. We’re looking for an effective government that actually does its job and takes care of its people by ensuring their basic needs at minimum are taken care of.  

Besides not having a definition of what unemployment is broken up into various categories. There are 6 different categories of unemployment. There are less Saiyan Transformations in Dragon Ball Z than there are categories of unemployment. Spiderman has less clones than the number of unemployment categories. There are less flavors of Twix candy bar than categories of unemployment.  

And even those numbers aren’t particularly accurate since a lot of people who file for unemployment get miscategorized or fall through cracks, not making into any of the categories of unemployment. The U3 category is what is reported to the media and doesn’t include folks like discouraged workers. During the pandemic this is people that have built a career on focusing on one thing, and now that they can’t do that thing, pivoting to a different field is virtually impossible, primarily because of the skills they didn’t need to build up for their careers. This is former academics, folks in every level of the entertainment industry and so on and on and on and on…

A more accurate picture of the unemployment number is in category U-6. This includes the discouraged workers, underemployed, part-timers and even those that are going back to school. That comes up to 11.7% as of December of 2020. But don’t forget people get miscategorized and uncounted in the unemployment numbers. And thanks to that, we can see that the rate is actually 15.8%. But people that get sick and fall out of work or women who lost their jobs because companies don’t have maternity leave or folks that quit unsafe work environments are off left in the void of unemployment numbers. 

But at least Capitalism is reducing poverty around the world thanks to its powerful free market engine of rich, right?     

America’s minimum wage has been stagnant for over a decade. This is supposed to go up with the cost of living, but that hasn’t really happened. In Capitalism living is earned. And I wish that were an exaggeration but the cost of birthing a child is astronomical. If Pro-Lifers were truly serious about life, they would be for Medicare For All that covers the costs of having a baby. 

America’s minimum wage is $7.25 an hour which with a full time job is about $12k a year. On average a new car costs about $30k. That means on average, the worth of a worker annually is worth less than half of a new car. Capitalism values vehicles higher than a human worker. One of the things Democrats claimed would happen with the election of President Joe Biden was the passing of $15 an hour as minimum wage. And we almost had that…kinda. 

The Raise The Minimum Wage Act proposed the minimum wage to go up by 2025. That’s about 5 years too late to be 10 years too late on raising the minimum wage. This means in 5 years the annual income of an America worker would be the equivalent of a new car today, when the cost of a new car in 5 years is roughly $60k, to ensure Capitalism’s consistency of making a car worth more than the human worker. Boy when rich assholes say “This car is worth more than your life” they really mean it huh?  

There is proof that Capitalism is a regressive economic ideology when look at minimum wages throughout the years. During the Great Depression, which is touted as America’s dark time, minimum wage actually went up. In fact America had the highest minimum wage around. Now Capitalists use this information and disregard to the true history of why this happened and say “hooray for the Capitalists! We did it!” 

The reality that Capitalists fought against paying workers a decent wage. Socialists from the Labor Movement organized massive strikes for the better part of the early 20th century to push politicians further to the left and increase minimum wage, grant Unions more power and ensure that someone was at the negotiating table on behalf of the working class. The Capitalists used the military to fire on their own citizens who were asking to be paid what they’re worth and to have enough to feed, cloth and house their families. 

The reason why America had the best minimum wage in the world during an economic collapse was because the working class saw solidarity in their cause, dropped racial, gender and cultural lines and decided to fight for humanity. If that could happen at the time of the Great Depression, then it can happen during this Depression too. 

Capitalists love exploitation so much that they’ve exploited history itself. Capitalists are fine with poverty and manufacture it for the sake of infinite profits for the few. In fact this manufactured poverty is the root of most racial and xenophobic hatred in our societies. Instead of showing the reality of how poverty is manufactured the Champions of Capitalism blame the other. 

The reason why the American worker is losing their jobs is because the black, brown, and Asian communities have come in and forcefully taken the employment from the strong willed, eagle hearted Capitalist CEO using shifty Socialist dark magic. 

The reason why the American worker is their jobs is because the immigrants that disrespect imaginary lines are busting through the doors of the factory, tossing good red blooded American out and taking their spot in the production lines with questionably colored blood. 

Again the reality shows us something different. Capitalists look for nations where they can exploit workers instead of paying them a decent living wage for double if not more of the profit. And the even bigger reality that every economic downturn and crash has been manufactured by the Capitalists themselves. After the creation of America’s Centralized bank, the Federal Reserve or the Fed, it is responsible for every single Crash in the 20th and 21st century. 

In 1914 a year after its creation, the Fed approved a bunch of loans to people and smaller community banks. After a few years, the Fed said they were out of money and called in all the loans. The smaller banks couldn’t pay off their loans so quickly which forced them crash and were bought up by the banks associated with Fed. 

In 1921, they sold people on Margin Loans. People could purchase stocks and bonds at 10% of the price, while banks loan the other 90%. The stocks would appreciate and the idea was you could pay off the loan and turn a profit for yourself. The catch was that when the loans were called in, the people had 24 hours to pay them off. The Champions of Capitalism like Rockerfeller, J.P. Morgan and the Rothschild, pulled their money out of the markets and caused it to crash. All the loans were called in, and people lost everything. 

This is how the game of Capitalism works. And when we the people decide to play along the Capitalists don’t particularly like it. Wall Street and the stock exchange was revealed to be a game where the rich make billions on the manufactured failures of certain businesses and companies. This is the idea of selling shorts. Sure that sounds like something a pervert would do where they enter your home and take all the shorts you have, leaving you with nothing but pants for the summer, and then forcing your buy your shorts back at a higher price…and that’s kinda also how economic shorts work. 

Hedge fund managers purchase stocks at low price, selling them immediately and when the company tanks, they buy those stocks back at lower price and pocket the difference. It’s literally profiting on the misery of others and this what Capitalism thrives on. But fear not, earlier this year, all this was revealed to the general public when a bunch of nerds decided to buy up all the Game Stop stocks, thwarting Hedge Fund managers and leaving them short a few billion dollars. This is the true revenge of the nerds.

About 6 hours after this happened, the former chairperson of the Federal Reserve and current United States Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen put forth an investigation to prevent average Americans from becoming financially stable off the stock exchange. And this is seen as a noble act as within Capitalism you have to protect your pimps. Janet Yellen was paid upwards of $800k by the company that lost billions thanks to savvy nerds. 

But Janet Yellen comes from a long line of Capitalist politicians that profit off the stock market. Right before Biden announced that he’d be supporting the development of Electric cars, Nancy Pelosi purchased about $500k of Tesla stocks. Right before the pandemic hit, big named Senators like Democrat Diane Feinstein, sold their stocks knowing there would be an economic crash. Insider trading is looked as a crime, but gets nothing but a slap on the wrist. 

The nerds that saved Game Stop played by the rules set up by the stock market itself and had their servers erased by Discord. Robinhood, the ironically name stock trading app, deleted Game Stop’s stocks along AMC and others that could disrupt the rich getting richer off the others misery. And Google erased all their bad reviews so it looks like they’re an up & up company. So the lesson here is that even if you play by their rules, the Champions of Capitalism will change their rules to ensure that they can manufacture poverty to keep us divided and fighting each other instead of Capitalism itself.

Calling Capitalism a system of equality is laughable considering it’s a system that has tried to reinvent the wheels of slavery decade after decade. From wage theft to prison slavery, Capitalism only works when the scales are tilted. In order to be a good Capitalist, you have to be willing to ignore the humanity of others and value things like stocks and car far more.  

More and more people are seeing that Capitalism isn’t a system built on equality but rather on that thrives on inequality and divide. It has a hostile relationship with the working class. For Capitalism it’s at war with the working class. And of course it is, considering one of the ways Capitalism thrives is through profiting from wars. Champions of Capitalism will find any excuse to use military might to seize the resources of a nation or a group of people it deems inferior. 

There are many ways that we can move further away from Capitalism. A major way would be to Democratize the workplace and regulate private industries, preventing them exploiting the workers and gaming the system. On an electoral level, allowing for more political parties to represent people and decreasing the commercialization of politics would prevent the deep rooted corruptions in our current system. A system that can’t be criticized will call all its criticisms treasonous. But its critiques are what help us find better solutions and rediscover our humanity as a species.