How Joe Biden’s Will Lie Us Into More Wars! [The Dispatch]

After the tumultuous election of Joe Biden to the office of the President, a lot of Liberals and followers of the Democratic Party chastised the true left and progressives for not celebrating with them. “Give us a day to celebrate and give Joe Biden a chance!” they yelled. And our response was “we have”. 

We gave him 4 chances to be President, which he failed because he was revealed to be a corrupt, plagiarizing liar! In one of his major runs for President, he literally plagiarized a British labor leader’s speech as well as a speech from Bobby Kennedy. When he was caught, he reprimanded the media for calling attention to his lies. He also lied about his academic record. Biden boasted he was at the top of his class and he could he beat up all your dads. Turns out Joe Biden was at the lowest percentile of his class. And so far not one dad has been beat up by Joe Biden…physically. He’s financially beaten up all our dads by bailing out Wall St. multiple times.

Beyond that he’s had over 40 years in politics to show us that we should give him a chance. He’s championed Nixon’s racist War on Drugs. And we know it was racist because one of Nixon’s advisors said the War on Drugs was devised as a plan to associate marijuana with the Hippie, Anti-War communities and heroin with the Black communities. This way they’d get raid their homes and prevent any sort organizing and stability within their communities. He said this to a reporter on tape. The Nixon administration really didn’t understand tapes.

Joe Biden also wanted to create a Police Bill of Rights as a booster to qualified immunity. This would have essentially ramped up police departments killing innocent people of color exponentially. His 1994 Crime Bill has been been proven to be the cause of the racist mass incarceration program and he’s one of the architects of the 3 strikes rule under Bill Clinton, creating the Prison Industrial Complex. This should come as no shock from the man that proudly worked with segregationists, because the economy was more important that equality and human rights. 

He’s never found a war he didn’t like. He’s a staunch support of the Iraq War, which is now proven to have been ignited under false pretenses. But hey, Joe Biden does love a good lie. He’s also been accused of sexual misconduct and assault, but don’t worry the Democratic Party has revised that history, by pretending it’s not real. #MeToo, but only when convienient to get your votes. 

But beyond that progressives gave him chance on the campaign trail as well. His bid for the President started by claiming he has no empathy for millennials, which goes against the core message of his Presidency, to lead with empathy and science. After that he’s told Climate Activist like Ed Fallon to go vote for someone else when asked about stopping disastrous pipelines like Line 3. He’s freaked out on journalists when they’ve asked him about attacking Bernie Sanders. 

And to continue his trend of lying on the campaign trail, he said he marched and was locked up with Nelson Mandala and had the endorsement of the NAACP. The NAACP doesn’t endorse any candidate and put out a statement that Joe Biden lied. And there’s absolutely no evidence that Biden was ever with Nelson Mandala. I think he might have gotten Nelson Mandala confused with the Mandalorian, who he thinks is named Nelson. 

And now President Joe Biden continues the proud tradition of expanding the United States empire. Right before the inauguration, Joe Biden said if Georgia turns blue Americans would be getting their $2000 COVID stimulus check immediately. So on Day One, President Biden…moved ground troops in Syria. This came after the Syrian ambassador pleaded with the Biden Administration to withdraw troops and “stop stealing” Syrian oil. 

Considering corporate media fawned over Donald Trump’s bombing of a Syrian air base in April of 2017, calling him Presidential and Joe Biden’s visceral hatred of Trump, he wasn’t going let that walking mimosa win. So he became Presidential on Day One by ignoring the requests of a sovereign nation and basically re-invading the country. Now sure, the claim from the Biden administration is that this is routine equipment transfer between Iraq & Syria, 2 countries that have voted to have the United States military out their country.

This is like a house guest that out stays their welcome but is also setting fire something as they leave a room. And when you call them out on it, they say it’s a routine fire alarm check and we should chill out. How about this Joe Biden? You routinely move your troops and equipment out of a country you have no business being in.

So if America is all about preserving and spreading Democracy, why wouldn’t they listen to 2 sovereign nations that have voted for the exodus of American Imperialism? Well because as Lindsay Graham pointed out, Syria has Oil that America called dibs on. Most of America’s foreign policy is based on calling dibs in the name of Manifest Destiny. And in response to the Iraqi Parliament voting out the American military, the US responded by starting construction more bases on the Iran-Iraq border.

But remember Joe Biden said he’d lead by diplomacy, not military intervention, which is why he’s bombed Syria again. If the media actually talks about it they’ll probably call this ‘explosive diplomacy’. Biden’s diplomacy is basically putting up his fists and saying “I’d like you to meet my friends Drone and Strike!” 

Now the official statement is that they were bombing Iranian militias that were going to attack American troops in Iraq and were also responsible for a bombing in Iraq that got an American contractor killed. Now the important thing to note here is that bombs did have a rainbow flag painted on them as well as the words “Black Lives Matter”, so it’s all good everyone. These were very inclusive bombs! 

And this bombing was an effort to de-escalate the situation. Because as we all know, when you blow something up it really de-escalates tensions. Look it’s simple right. If your neighbors plants come over to your side of yard, instead of going over and having a conversation with them, just put a stick of dynamite in their bedroom. Then they’ll say “Boy do I egg on where my face used to be! I’ll move those plants right way…you once I get the use of my arms again!” Problem solved and with military precision. Instead of words there was really cool explosion that made everyone feel like they were in the film ‘The Expendables’. 

Ironically that’s what the corporate elites like Joe Biden, the Bushes, Trump and Obama see the working class to be; expendable. Hell that’s why they’ve been recruiting the working class to fight in their wars. 

Currently Iran is under American Sanctions put in place by Donald Trump and are continuing under the empathetic Presidency of Joe Biden. These sanctions are preventing Iranian citizens from getting medical aid during a pandemic the likes of which the world has never seen. Let’s not mince words here. These and all sanctions are nothing more than Economic Warfare. America puts sanctions that prevent average citizens from getting aid, food and access to social programs and American propaganda spins the story to claim that the nation’s brutal dictator is depriving their people of basic needs. This way America can fuck over the Middle Class on a Global scale and win Capitalism.

And lest we forget, America was the first one to ramp up violence against Iran. In January of 2020, Trump assassinated the beloved and high ranking General Quassam Soleimani as he was leaving Iraq from a diplomatic peace mission. Biden could’ve used that empathy he has by apologizing for those actions and lifting sanctions on Iran. And he’s got plenty to spare considering he’s given no empathy to millennials. BUT instead he bombs Iranian militias in a country where they’re fighting the same enemy. Just in case anyone forgot, Iranians are fighting ISIS as well and General Solemani’s Quds Force has bailed out the American Military before. 

The whole world has called for an armistice during the Pandemic and America’s new President who claimed to take the pandemic seriously, is creating an environment where the pandemic will only get worse. Biden has engaged in a hot and economic war with Iran while citizens in both countries are suffering and waiting for some kind of relief. If you’re shocked that the checks didn’t go out or that Biden isn’t following his foreign policy plan of diplomacy, I point you to his 4 decade record of lies and cheats and approving wars to steal oil from other countries. 

And if you think the comment about stealing oil is a stretch, don’t forget Joe Biden fought harder for Neera Tanden’s Senate confirmation than increasing the minimum wage. Neera Tanden once said in a email that America should steal Libya’s oil to pay off our deficits and fund social programs. If not the only options are to cut Medicare & Medicaid, which gives the lowest income earners and the elderly healthcare. Biden wanted this person to run the budgets to ramp up wars while simultaneously denying an increase of minimum wage. 

Biden did temporarily stop arms sales to Saudi Arabia, but did say he’s defend their sovereignty against the Houti Rebels in Yemen. Yemen is currently a humanitarian crisis thanks to America’s support of the Saudis. Now the US should permanently cut ties with Saudi Arabia considering their long history with human rights violations, but also with confirmation that Jamal Khashoggi was murdered by the Crown Prince. 

Now it is important to note that what happened to Khashoggi is a tragedy. But corporate media and the oligarchs are only making a big deal of this because he was one of them. Khashoggi was a Washington Post writer and was highly critical of the Saudi monarchy. Had he also been critical of America’s role within the monarchy, there would’ve been silence just like they’re silent on Julian Assange. And fret not folks, Joe Biden will continue the war on the Press by looking to appeal the faulty extradition case of Julian Assange, despite various groups calling for him to drop the case! 

Don’t forget, the UK judge said Julian Assange would commit suicide if he’s taken the horrific conditions of America’s prisons. The same prison conditions that Joe Biden helped forge. And by continuing his case against Julian Assange, Joe Biden is basically giving the thumbs up to Assange’s possible suicide. I doubt someone that leads with empathy would be pro-suicide. 

Now if you think this is the beginning of the end of the American Arms sales, think again. Egypt just received $200 million worth of weapons from America. And Raytheon CEO, Greg Hayes remains optimistic because he doesn’t seen an end to the conflict in the Middle East. And lest we forget the current Secretary of Defense is Lloyd Austin, who sits on the board of Raytheon, which means there’s a financial reason America needs to engage in armed conflicts. And Biden is still friendly with the Saudis and has told them to refocus their efforts on stopping Iran. 

The major fear with Iran is their Nuclear capabilities. Under Trump, America withdrew from the Iran Nuclear Deal which stated that Iran can only enrich 3.67% of their uranium. Since the United States backed off the deal, Iran has increased their uranium enrichment, for which the sanctions were put in place. Now the question is how can sanctions be implemented on Iran when they technically didn’t do anything wrong? And there in lies how and why the Economic Sanctions put on Iran are illegal and just a callous act. 

Biden very clearly stated that he won’t lift the sanctions on Iran until they rejoin the Iran Nuclear Deal. Iran claims they won’t join till America reenters the deal first. This seems fair considering it was the US that bailed first and it was the Democrats that claimed we should rejoin the deal. I’m starting to think Biden has the words ‘empathy’ and ‘authoritarian war mongering racist asshole’ confused. 

Most of the nuclear arsenal is owned by America & Russia, thanks to the dick measuring contest that was the Cold War. Also America is only nation that has fired a nuclear bomb on another nation and has said they’d do it again…because you know, they have a huge dick. Russia has said it’ll only do so if they’re attacked first. This makes America a far bigger nuclear threat than Iran. With its enormous stock of nuclear weapons and an itchy trigger finger, America is the Doomsday prepper of countries. Other nations should be looking put limits on America’s nuclear capabilities. 

America’s defense here is that they’re good guys with guns, but these guns have the potential of ending all life on this planet as we know it. Good guys don’t need to point world ending weapons at other nations. They’d talk out their differences and figure out a way to achieve amicable solutions. 

The future of wars under Joe Biden will likely be less drone bombs and explosions. There’s a good likelihood that he’ll still bomb countries and sell arms to anyone and everyone that wants to buy some, but in order to get approval of hot wars, Biden is going engage more in Economic Wars. These economic wars will provide as propaganda, using the suffering civilians as a reason to go in and attack whichever nation has resources America deems is theirs. Economic Wars are the new way America will manufacture consent for their wars and engage in them using the Authorization for Use of Military Force or the AUMF.

Joe Biden is a pathological liar. And in order to get the resources Manifest Destiny demands America gets, the Empire demands a liar like him at the helm. It’s hard to ignore the broken promises from Biden Administration and we’re not even at Day 100. If the first 40 days are filled with wars, invasions, ignoring the plight of the working class, while simultaneously causing the working class of different nation harm, then I am very concerned for what lies may come on Day 100 and I think you should be too.