Fork Full Of Noodles with Krish Mohan #237 – The FBI Deems Feeding The Homeless An Act Of Terror!

As if all the negative stigmas against homelessness weren’t enough, don’t worry, most states have basically made it illegal to be homeless. I might be going out on a huge limb here, but if we make it illegal to be homeless, then shouldn’t it be double illegal to create that problem? But landlords have filed over 160,000 eviction notices in 27 cities alone during the pandemic! 

At this point shouldn’t we just call Landlords that evict people during a Pandemic “Super spreaders” considering their actions will likely lead to folks getting COVID-19. Right now the homeless population has some of the highest risks of catching and spreading COVID. And American Capitalism wants to create more of them, proving that Capitalism is the ultimate Virus. 

From spikes under bridges to making park benches less accessible, state after state is making homelessness illegal instead of finding actual solutions to the problem. I’m not sure what the expectation was there. Did they expect the homeless folks to look at these spikes and go “Oh boy, welp I guess I just go back that apartment I’ve been holding out on and give up this Jack Kerouac fantasy! No Hobo life for me!” 

Things are so desperate for homeless people sometimes, that they commit petty crimes so they can be hauled away to a jail cell to get a bed for a night or two. A system that requires people to break laws to get a bed and 2 square meals in a day is a broken system! 

The most insane of the anti-homeless laws are the ones that make feeding the homeless illegal. There are multiple states that have decided to make it illegal to feed the homeless. Look I understand Florida making it illegal, because they’re shaped like dick and hence act like one, but the rest of them don’t have much of an excuse. 

Fortunately, there are organizations that have resisted this law from the Dark Ages! One of the largest of these organizations is Food Not Bombs. Since the 1980s, they’ve been arrested by cops for feeding the homeless and even battled with politicians, like Nancy Pelosi, to ensure that the homeless are just taken care of. Things got so bad in the early days, that the Food Not Bombs volunteers had send decoy food to outsmart the cops!

The issue the cops had with Food Not Bombs was the lack of permits. So they went and got themselves a permit. Human beings are uncomfortable with general niceness for the sake of niceness. In a society built on hyper individualism and paranoia, kindness is seen as criminal behavior instead of an example we can all live by.

A major reason elected officials didn’t want Food Not Bombs to feed people is because after people eat, they poop. There you have it folks. There is now an official government order that says…Everyone poops! I’m glad our elected officials are answering tough questions. 

Take that Neil DeGrasse Tyson, with your cosmos and telescopes! The government just answered one of the largest questions in the universe. Do we all poop…and yes, yes we all poop! Let’s pack it up and head home folks. Better give them a raise.  

Another excuse the oligarchs had with Food Not Bombs was that feeding the homeless was unhygienic! Boy if they think feeding the homeless is unhygienic, they’ve never been in the mosh pit of a Thrice concert! It’s filled with sweat, spit and blood and ejaculate and probably some poop depending on what song they’re playing. Some of their songs are loud and startling.

Food Not Bombs doesn’t encourage you go dumpster diving. They recommend getting your food from Grocery stores and restaurants that would throw away food in excess. 40% of food globally goes to waste and most of that food is still good. Why not let it go to those that need it, instead of the dumpster. 

Food Not Bombs is alleviating one of the most stressful aspects of homeless life, finding food. This idea is so radical & dangerous the FBI spied on them and deemed them one of the most dangerous terrorist organizations in the country!

And I’m sure some folks are shocked, but don’t forget the FBI started getting more aggressive towards the Black Panthers after they successfully started feeding kids. The FBI is basically anti-food and at this point serves no purpose. They’re worse than Marie Antionette. At least that bitch wanted people to eat cake.  

But states like California are breaking up homeless encampments that have sprung up. For fucks sake what the hell do you want these people to do? They can’t afford housing because you need to be Google rich to live there and you ruined park benches, so yeah, they started camping. If the cops & politicians really hate these homeless encampments a simple solution would be cancel rents, instead of baling out the banks for $6 Trillion and approving a $800 billion military budget, they could’ve just covered people’s rents for a year or 12. 

Look I have a rule, you can bail out the banks and Wall St. for upwards of $6 trillion but all debts should be erased and rents should be paid up by the banks. They should pay 1 years worth of rent for every war they’ve funded. I think that’s a pretty fair trade off. You want war and government handouts? Great, we want no rents and no debts. And yeah, we all get shoot Dick Cheney once with a buckshot. Not fatally, but just enough to let him he’s an asshole. And relax, he’ll be fine, he’s got Rush Limbaugh’s heart now. 

The reality is that making homelessness & food illegal isn’t a solution to fix the problem. That’s like stubbing your toe on a chair and then you kick that chair. You haven’t fixed the problem, and now your leg is bleeding. If America wants to fix the homelessness, they’re going to have to stop kicking them when they’re already down.


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