Andrew Cuomo Is NOT A Good Leader! Here’s Why! [The Dispatch]

For the last year, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has charmed the pants off Americans. His daily press briefings and television program “Cuomo & the COVID” won him an Emmy! All this says to me is that most of mainstream television is such piles of trash that a governor’s press briefings where he spent a portion of it recounting the days of the week was riveting. Cuomo was also praised for how attractive he is. These fans were labeled Cuomosexuals. But Andrew Cuomo is not who the press briefings show him to be. In fact Andrew Cuomo is neoliberal capitalist that’s currently embroiled in scandals. 

The most recent of these scandals involve the sexual harassment and misconduct allegations levied against the Governor by 5 women, most of whom worked for Cuomo. The women claim Andrew Cuomo has touched them inappropriately and have made lewd remarks to them. Aside from the obvious violations of personal space and the Governor’s refusal to resign and his apology are making headlines. 

One of the images circulating around is of Governor Cuomo holding a woman’s face in his hands. In the apology edition of “Cuomo & the COVID”, he claims this how he and his father – a former Governor of New York – would greet people to make them feel comfortable. I suppose the idea is that you hold a person’s head in your hands to say “Hey, I could crush you face within the palm of my hands but I’m not. You can trust me!” 

I’m fairly certain Mafia Dons look at that and say “Woah, that’s a bit much! You gotta ask if it’s cool to hug or grab a face! If you don’t you’re a psychopath” But serial killers applaud the Governor for spreading fear into hearts of the unworthy with you masculine power! Cuomo then goes on to say that he was very recently at an event in Queens where he was hugging and kissing other politicians and guests!

Um…Governor did you forget there was a global pandemic being spread by a virus that lives in aerosol droplets? Isn’t that what your Emmy winning show “Cuomo & the COVID” is all about? Not only is he someone who doesn’t respect people’s personal spaces but apparently that need is making him a super spreader! And it means that Cuomo was literally trying to charm America’s star spangled pants off, but hey that’s just how its done in the Cuomo household. 

This changes what the term Cuomosexual really means. 

Andrew Cuomo’s apology isn’t a real apology. His press conference starts with a legal disclaimer. Since he’s being investigated, his legal council has advised him not to make any statements about this situation. Cuomo flips the script and pleads ignorance and therefore is a victim himself of the old ways. He claims his words and actions were “playful” and he’s a frequent flirt. Look I’m no expert on flirting, but I’m fairly certain telling a woman that you want to kiss her on the lips or grabbing her face isn’t flirting or playful, especially when you’re that woman’s boss. 

Cuomo claims his actions were misinterpreted by the women and the press, but he’s sorry if anyone was hurt or offended by “it”. He is very careful about not naming exactly what he’s being accused of doing. His apology boils down to “I’m sorry you feel that way!” And that is not a real apology. It’s what abusers do to flip the blame on the victims of their abuse. There’s no acknowledgement of the action that caused pain and the responsibility of the pain falls on the victim. This kind of apology is what gaslighters & narcissists do to deflect and distance themselves from the wrongdoing. And lawyers encourage this behavior so they can get these kinds of people off to go about abusing people into their twilight years. 

And I myself have been a victim of the Gaslighter’s Apology for years. At first you think, it was just a mistake and they’ll improve, but then the same type of apology comes over and over again, till you realize there’s not really an apology and this person isn’t going to change. In fact they’re likely to get worse and blame you for all the problems that ail them. 

But that’s not where Andrew Cuomo’s abuses end. A week before the first allegation dropped, the Cuomo administration was caught falsifying nursing home death rates in their reports to make the state New York appear safer than it was. Back in July of 2020, the reported number of deaths from nursing homes were 1/3 of the actual death rate! This was because in the state of New York was admitting the elderly without giving them a COVID test. And this confirms that Andrew Cuomo is the ultimate super spreader. 

But there was a reason why the Cuomo administration felt that must lie. Trump. Trump could’ve used the correct numbers as a way to chastise the Democrats. Rightfully so, considering they were championing for safety and then go about doing the exact opposite. The DOJ did investigate this fraud…by sending Cuomo’s office a questionnaire. I mean what could they do. They had to falsify the reports because Trump might have been mean to Cuomo. This is the Buzzfeed of criminal investigations!

As if that wasn’t enough, Cuomo was ordering small pharmacies to throw away perfectly good vaccines. Smaller pharmacies usually get a shorter list of people who are eligible to get the vaccine right now. So in a lot of cases they end up some excess doses. The logical thing to do is to move down the list and offer the vaccine the other folks in the community that have been waiting to get the vaccine, or offer it other locations that might have a shortage. But under Cuomo’s law, they have to destroy the excess vaccines or face penalties that include a million dollar fine.  

As if all this wasn’t enough, Cuomo’s administration is also responsible for one of New York’s most prominent bridges failing. The Mario Cuomo Bridge, named after his father, has shown structural integrity issues. In 2016, an ironworker was hit in the face by a bolt that wasn’t placed properly when he was trying to tighten it with a torque wrench. Now I’m not man enough to know what a torque wrench is, but I am man enough to admit that. The bolt hit this man’s face, splitting his lip. 

When the safety director pointed out the problems with the bolts on the bridge, he was fired. A whistleblower later came out and said the construction company hired to work on the bridge committed fraud. This case went up to the Supreme Court of New York and has been sealed since 2017. The New York Thruway authority has said they will not unseal records to prove the bridge is meeting standards.

Cuomo is one of the Democrats that’s also in trouble for pushing schools to reopen despite the science saying otherwise. Cuomo is also known for cutting hundreds of millions of dollars from Medicaid and hospital beds right before the pandemic began. He also slashed property taxes for the rich while the citizens of his own state – the ones he claims elected him and he is beholden to – are on the verge of losing their homes and everything they worked for. But that’s really what this all about…getting Americans back into the workforce and making money for the rich.

Now corporate media was fawning over Cuomo from the start of this Pandemic. And because he could string words into a sentence that made sense and didn’t end in a racial epithet, he was being pushed to replace Joe Biden for the office of the President. And if that would’ve happened, it would unequivocally prove that Presidents are chosen not elected. But after news of the sexual harassment allegations broke corporate media decided to switch sides. 

From New York Times to the Wall Street Journal, a daisy chain of corporate media were calling for Cuomo’s resignation. Some independent journalists were claiming this was done in an effort to sensationalize the harassment stories over the other major scandals. I say it’s probably a bit of both. 

The way I see it, Cuomo was one of the top contenders for the next Democratic primary, whether its in 2024 or 2026, pending what happens with Joe Biden. Once the nursing home and vaccine scandals started circulating around independent media and corporate media was staying silent, they needed something to get Cuomo out of the spotlight of massive negative press. The opportunity struck when the first allegations came out. 

The media used the #MeToo movement in an attempt redo Cuomo’s image. This was a way for the Democrats to call out sexual harassment in their party after the blunder of ignoring it for Joe Biden. They can then get Cuomo out of office and then use the magic of PR spin to say that he’s a remodeled man. A more sensitive man for the next primary. Season 2 of “Cuomo & the COVID” is the season of reflection after these scandals and season 3 is clearly all about coming back to the top. And with Cuomo’s refusal to resign, it’s throwing the Party’s plan out of whack! They might not renew the show for the next season. 

Andrew Cuomo is not leadership material. He’s does deserve Emmy, because he’s a great actor. He spent months pretending to care about people, while behind the scenes he legislated the opposite. Leaders don’t sacrifice people because the opposition might make them look bad. They don’t invade personal spaces, make unwanted sexual advances and faulty apologies. Leaders take responsibility, learn from their mistakes and do better so others may also do so. Cuomo should be rejected by anyone who is against corrupt and devious politicians.