The Importance Of Julian Assange – 11 Year Anniversary Of ‘The Collateral Murder’ Video!

If you’re reading this the day this is published then its April 5th, 2021, the 11 year anniversary of the Collateral Murder video. If you haven’t seen the video, it’s available on Wikileaks’ site. If you don’t particularly want to watch the video, I get it. It’s hard to watch. But lets go over what this video reveals.

It’s a video of the American military gunning down Afghani civilians & 2 Reuters journalists, while making jokes and comments about those they murder illegally in cold blood. Wikileaks revealed this as the United States Military claimed ignorance on the death of those journalists and civilians. Nothing to see here, just a few war crimes that Military officials say are things that happen in war. They excuse this bloodshed as “casualties of war”.

If the Iraqi, Afghani or Iranian military opened fire on innocent civilians and killed journalists, corporate media in America would call it a human rights violation, an attack on free press, an act of terror and use it as a reason wage war on 8-12 other nations that have one of the same letters in their name as Iraq, Afghanistan or Iran. BUT when America does it, they say it’s just the cost of freedom.

That’s right American Freedom isn’t free, it’s costs human lives. So really the currency of America of blood. Too harsh? So is the American Military killing innocent brown people overseas, which is exactly what Julian Assange & Wikileaks revealed.

After this was revealed, in order to ensure that the support for the Military & America’s Endless Wars would continue, the official narrative was revelations like this was too dangerous and would lead to the death of our troops. There is LITERALLY no evidence supporting this. AND lets say hypothetically that was the case, and an American soldier was killed because of this video, it dwarves what the amount of killings caused by the American Military.

This video shows us the true brutality and sociopathy of American Imperialism. To hear these soldiers laughing & say things like “light them all up” and “come on fire” and “we got those dead bastards” shows us how quick the War Machine is to shoot first and ask questions later. They also claim these people had weapons, but nowhere in the video do you see them with weapons. They are looking at civilians as insurgents. Which is why when other civilians come and try to help them, they are shot as well. One of the pilots laughs and says “Got ’em right through the window”

At current, Julian Assange is being imprisoned in Belmarsh prison, despite serving his time for a bogus crime. Guess how many of the murderers shown in the Collateral Murder video are in prison? None. 11 years and the only person in prison is the person that revealed the crime. America doesn’t believe in Freedom of the Press but to shoot the messenger.

Still not convinced that you should support Julian Assange over the military? Well when it was discovered that 2 little girls were shot by the American pilots they said “it’s their fault for bringing their girls to a battle”.

No, this was not a battle. It was a massacre perpetrated by the American Military and it was not their fault. They didn’t have weapons. They weren’t insurgents. They were civilians trying to do their best to live their lives, which were cut down, callously by trigger happy pilots.

Assange described the video as the pilots playing a video game. That’s how they disassociate from the horrific actions they are forced to take. They justify killing journalists, kids, doctors and civilians by disassociating from reality and thinking of War as a video game. Except this game doesn’t end. It keeps going with new players and new victims day in & day out. The only winner is American Capitalism!

The impacts of this video are still in effect today. Right now there are talks of increasing military aggression on China. Much like the early 2000s and its vitriolic attacks on anyone brown, the hatred of Asian Americans in the States can be connected to the higher ups. Trump began this by saying the pandemic is caused by the “China Virus”. But Biden is carrying that forward not with words, but with his actions.

If we see Military Aggression towards China, then the attacks on Asian Americans is only going to increase. And there are liberals that come out and say “Well I can see the difference from a nation’s government and its people!” You might, but clearly others can’t and neither can the military. Much like the soldiers in the Collateral Murder video, if there was a War with China, more Chinese civilians will be killed than American ones.

So IF you are one of these liberals that can tell the difference between a country’s government and its people, then why aren’t you supporting Assange for revealing that America’s Military clearly can’t tell that difference. These same liberals are the ones falsely claiming Julian Assange is a “Russian asset” or a danger to America. Their hypocrisy is blinding.

This video is the tip of the iceberg in regards to what Wikileaks & Assange revealed about the Crimes of the Elites on a global scale. Yet, he is the one in prison. He’s the one facing health problems from a torturous criminal justice system! His case is the most important case of the century!

The outcome of this case will determine whether or not the First Amendment actually matters or is it another piece of platitude preached to us by our corrupted leaders. So if you do value Freedom of the Press, justice and want to see less war & corruption in the world, the choice is simple. Call to Free Assange…now.