How George Floyd Will Be Co Opted By The Duopoly! [The Dispatch]

The officer that murdered George Floyd, Derek Chauvin, has been found guilty, guilty, guilty! And that’s not me doing that for effect, he was found guilty on all 3 charges of 2nd & 3rd degree murder and manslaughter! Now this is a decisive win for everyone part of the Black Lives Matter & Defund the Police movements, but the fight for true justice continues! 

And before we go on, it is important to note that I’m not here to chastise or criticize any celebration of this verdict! For the true left this is a glimmer of hope in an otherwise dark corridor. But let’s not forget that this victory was achieved by the activists, journalists, artists that created & amplified this movement, not because Nancy Pelosi yelled “Wakanda Forever” at the rotunda! 

And that’s one if the major pieces of propaganda we’re about to see. The Democrats are about to co-opt this victory for the party, despite being the party that boldly said defunding the police wasn’t an option, right after they posed for a photo with some protesters. The platitudes offered here will be the talking point for the upcoming elections. Don’t forget that the Democrats are a Capitalist party which needs the police force to protect their stuff. 

And moments after the verdict, corporate media fawned over the empty words of politicians like Amy Klobuchar & Nancy Pelosi. As far as I see it, Amy Klobuchar should be in prison for contributing to the death of Floyd. As DA she over looked Chauvin’s record of brutalizing & killing others in Minneapolis for 2 decades. Her opinions in this matter are the equivalent of Ted Bundy’s opinion on Feminism! 

Nancy Pelosi claimed that George Floyd sacrificed his life in the name of justice. Her statement makes Floyd a martyr who died on purpose instead of a victim of a horrific crime committed by a sociopathic killer cop. The folks that defend Pelosi claim she’s old & we should leave her be. If she is too old & senile then she shouldn’t be in public office making laws for people! She should be at home watching Matlock reruns and drinking prune juice like the other elderly people of America! 

At its most innocent it’s an out of touch, drunken slip of the tongue. But I very much doubt it. Nancy Pelosi is the opposite of innocent. She’s so much its opposite that she has gotten rid of that word from every dictionary in her ice cream laden mansion. This is likely an attempt to control the narrative to claim martyrdom as justice. Her statement says the only way to get those pesky rotten apples out of the upstanding American police system is for Black & Brown Americans to give up their lives. They’re bait for the justice system to suss out the bad cops, so the good ones can prevail. Collateral Damage for freedom. It’s an attempt to normalize police violence! 

As Democrats take on their digital pilgrimage of platitudes, the Republicans are using a different tactic. As of now there are 34 states that have introduced 81 different anti protest laws. Now most of these are to protect pipelines, fracking wells & fossil fuel companies, written by the Koch funded ALEC, but a new Florida bill, being pushed by Governor Ron DeSantis is specifically targeting BLM activists & demonstrations. 

The Florida Anti-Riot Bill – or as I’m calling it the DickSantis Bill – criminalized marches, protests & demonstrations that would block highways or roads. And to those that are going to rationalize this, just remember that your mild inconvenience doesn’t hold up to the gravity of black & brown people getting killed by corrupt cops on a daily basis! The DickSantis Bill also criminalizes “defacing” statues. This part of the bill is clearly going after the movement that wants to take down statues glorifying racist from American History. I have a simple rule: you get till 1864 to put up your racist statues. You can call that heritage. Beyond that, you’re just a dick and if a graffiti artist lets the world know in neon colors, then so be it. It’s far most honest than the placard that was put up.   

This bill also penalizes governments for not taking a heavy handed approach to these protests. DickSantis is talking about tear gas, rubber bullets, blowing glitter directly into the eye of every protester, which are all violations of the Geneva Conventions. It also vaguely says that there is a 6-month sentence for “abusing” the police. I’d hardly call it abusive when a water bottle hits an officer in Robocop armor. That would be like an abusive parent claiming they were defending themselves by hitting the child that spit up on them. 

This part of the bill comes directly from Eric Nelson’s pathetic attempt to defend Derek Chauvin. He claimed that Chauvin couldn’t do anything because the crowd was being aggressive calling him things like a “bum”. If Derek Chauvin goes to a playground, he might become genocidal, because a youngling might call him a poo-poo brain. And according to Eric Nelson, it’s that child’s fault. Nelson’s argument was that the primarily black crowd was hostile and abusive and now his racist defense will become a law. Under this law, telling an officer to stop killing someone could be considered abusive. This is the American Gaslight Clause of the bill. 

And this bill is likely to spread like a vanerial disease out of Florida and infect other states too. Let’s be clear any law that criminalizes protesting and puts corporations or state funded murderers first is unconstitutional. And anyone pushing laws like this should be removed from office and the country on the grounds of treason. Furthermore, corporate media, including liberal ones like CNN, have justified laws like this by demonizing the Black Lives Matter protests. 

Recent a report came out that said homicide rates have gone up in the US. The main blame isn’t put on cops that have killed innocent people, but the protesters that are trying to put an end to systemic police violence and racism. The CNN’s article claimed that homicides were going up because police resources have to be taken away and redistributed to protect things like banks, Starbucks and other buildings from protesters. What if a Becky, a Chad or even a Karen start thinking about the problems with police brutality and learn about how the cops come from Slave Patrols instead of how delicious their Pumpkin Spice Latte is! 

The Liberal Media, alongside Republicans are actively working to ensure that a mass civil rights movement like what we saw last summer doesn’t happen again. And don’t worry, Facebook is in on it too. Before Chauvin’s verdict, Facebook decided to censor all political posts involving police brutality. As a cover for censoring leftists calling to defund and abolish the police, they also said all disparaging comments about George Floyd will also be removed. But fear not racists, Youtube and Twitter will let you post all the debunked and false racist theories. You can see examples of those my twitter feed and Youtube comments. 

And look this isn’t me advocating for censorship of the right. I’m simply saying that racists peddle fake news about minorities. And if fake news & deceptive practices goes against community standards then racist stereotypes that have been debunked non-stop should be removed from the platforms. But instead they’re more likely to target anti-Capitalist leftists, because those racists need to buy more Coca Cola. Clearly no-one here is thinking of the bottom line. 

At current the accepted narrative surrounding Derek Chauvin is that he’s the rotten apple we’ve all been talking about. But he is not. Chauvin is only one of the rotten apples. There are plenty of other killer cops out there have gone free. The killers of Breonna Taylor, Tamir Rice, Freddie Gray, Eric Garner, Mike Brown, Philando Castile, Sandra Bland and many more remain free! Plus during the trial itself 64 black people were murdered by the police, like Daunte Wright & Adam Toledo. In fact at the moment of the verdict, a 15 year old black girl was murdered by the police in Columbus. If you want to claim that justice has truly been served, start by reversing the verdict on the clearly guilty cops that live to kill another day. And ensure that all the other killer cops will be behind bars. 

In the last decade, only a handful of cops have been convicted guilty and even in those convictions you can see the justice system showcase racism. In Minneapolis a black officer shot and killed a white woman. The white woman was humanized as the black cop was given a guilty sentence. Compare that to the demonization of George Floyd & the other black bystanders by Eric Nelson, it shows us how deeply & systemically racist this justice system is. And this is why we have uproot this system and start a new. 

If you want true justice then any defense that include racial stereotypes to justify murder will no longer be accepted. Eric Nelson’s defense was a gamut of racism. From saying Floyd was a drug addled black man to a big scary black man that was resisting arrest to the black bystanders being angry, his only defense was that the jury should accept his racism. And some Americans do! But racism isn’t a defense in proving someone’s innocence when they’ve been video tapped being guilty.

Not just that, the death of Daunte Wright shows us the racial bias police have. Wright wasn’t being aggressive, and instead of using her taser, she automatically reached for her gun. That’s because police training tells you that everyone is out to get you and your life is constantly in danger. Psychologically, cops are trained to kill not to de-escalate, protect or serve.  

It is becoming clearer and clearer that justice is America is skewed, corrupt and broken. Between Capitalist Politicians, social media giants and corporate media, fighting back against this system is becoming illegal. Proving again, that America isn’t a Democracy, but rather a Cryptofascist Oligarchy! But we don’t have to accept these laws. If we keep pushing back, marching, organizing, amplifying and educating ourselves to the tactics of the corrupt, then we can make the change we want to see in the world. Just because a law says something doesn’t make it right. We decide what laws are just. We put Derek Chauvin in prison. We can do it not only for killer cops but the corrupt mascots of this unjust system.