How To Criminalize The First Amendment [The Dispatch]

The First Amendment says “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

But as we all learned in kindergarten, first is the worst, second is the best & third is a bird! This is why we see more people accepting censorship & equate guns with freedoms. And most people don’t know what the 3rd Amendment says. 

FYI the 3rd Amendment says No Soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the Owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law.

Thanks to the 3rd Amendment, someone like John Bolton, or Mike Pompeo or any other sociopathic war criminal can’t overstay their welcome in anyone’s homes. Not that they’d be welcome into anyone’s home. 

But this country’s casual relationship with the First Amendment has led to the United States gutting those rights in front of our very eyes. The biggest example of how freedom of the press is being stripped away is America’s treatment of Julian Assange! Currently Assange is being held in UKs maximum security Belmarsh prison for a crime he didn’t commit & served his time for. And the UK anti Assange judge said he shouldn’t be extradited to the United States because the abhorrent prison conditions might cause him to commit suicide! Which to Joe Biden, the architect of mass incarceration, is a badge of honor! Regardless of what the judge said, the United States still wants to extradite & imprison him for exposing the crimes of the rich & sociopathic!

The stripping of the first continues with the big tech censorship of anti establishment media as well. From complete demonetization to strikes that prevent you from streaming or posting content, platforms like YouTube are trying to control the narrative & ensure only the state sponsored corporate media perspectives are heard. Anything that challenges this state sponsored narrative will be crushed under the might of Google, Facebook, & Twitter! 

And now because of how vast & large the Black Lives Matter & Defund the Police movements are state after state are putting forward new anti protest laws. These new laws don’t include the already authoritarian ALEC anti-protest laws which fine & imprison activists for protesting critical infrastructure like, pipelines, fracking wells, telecom towers & the return of the McRib. The McRib has been critical in destroying the internal pipelines of the human body! These boilerplate laws written by ALEC are funded by the Kochs. This is another glaring example of how our government is run by corporations & we really are the Corporate States Of Wall Street: one nation under the Dollar, divisible for profits!

Florida kicked things off this time around with its vaguely worded “anti-riot” Bill. This immediately equates any protest with violent riots. Now the claim here is that trying to reduce property damage but are fine with humans being damaged. Do you know how hard it is to build a new storefront or a new Target? Look you can make a new person in like 9 months! But buildings take years to get off the ground. According to Florida this bill is thinking of the children by allowing the murder of adults to make more kids. It’s a very human centric Bill if you completely change the definition of humanity. 

Oklahoma & Iowa have bills that would reward a driver for plowing through a protest if they take up space on a public road. You know bicyclists occupy public roads too. Should cars be able to plow through them for a minor inconvenience? This bill justifies the death of Heather Haire, who was killed in Charlottesville in 2017 by a white supremacist. And it justifies the countless cops that have done the same. And by the transitive property of douchebaggery we can see how cops are the same as white supremacists! 

Both groups have the same mentality! “I don’t like that these people are marching to stop me from killing without consequences! Maybe if I kill them the they’ll understand!” This is the paranoid logic that’s taught to all cops & racists; which at this point are pretty much the same thing. And if you’re a cop and aren’t racist, don’t worry! You’ll either get booted from the force or have to become racist to keep your job. 

Indiana & Minnesota want to cut all social services from protesters & ban them from running for public office. Why would have activists that understand the issues run for office when you can have greed driven shills that are just meat suits to help corporations in a position of power instead.  And Minnesota has a Democrat Governor so this anti protest movement is a bipartisan effort!

Oklahoma also wants to eliminate showing police videos in order to prevent cops from being doxxed. This is wrong on pretty much every level. These videos show police officers being murder machines & when the officers names are released they don’t release all their personal details. They do release their very likely murderous or violent record. That’s not called doxxing, it’s called evidence of a corrupt, violent, racist & broken system!

But that’s the lessons learned from the Derek Chauvin trial; don’t show the video! And North Carolina is taking a cue from Oklahoma and not releasing the video of Elizabeth City’s sheriff department murdering Andrew Brown Jr., who was parked in his driveway with his hands up. The Defense Attorney claims that Brown’s car moved towards the officers which is why they had to fire 4 times in right arm & one shot in the back of his head. This is an execution, whether you believe the attorney or not. Judge Foster in Elizabeth City said showing the video would “create a serious threat to the fair, impartial and orderly administration of justice.” This is the lesson they learned from George Floyd’s murder! Don’t release the incriminating evidence that shows how racist & brutal the police actually are. It’s hurting those fundraising numbers. 

If you want a fair, impartial & orderly administration of justice then this criminal justice system should get rid of qualified immunity and stop putting killer cops above the law like they’re in a poorly made Stephen Segal remake! By not showing the video of the event, the cops get to control the narrative & put their blood soaked thumb on the scale. That’s no where near fair or impartial. And their attacks on protesters makes them far less than orderly! 

North Carolina is banning protests in its own way. In order to protest, you need to get a permit from a city 15-90 days prior to the protests. Nothing says civil disobedience like being told how to be disobedient. If a government is approving a protest, then its not a protest, it’s a state sponsored sign making platitude party. The point of a protest is to show people in a position of power that they’re going against the people’s will. Permits can be denied, but the voice of the people cannot. They can try, but eventually, we’ll be too loud and too large to ignore! 

And now Eric Nelson, Chauvin’s gaslighting attorney wants to vacate his guilty charges because the trial was too public and might have swayed the jury. Sorry Eric, but you’re wrong! What “swayed” the jury was the mountain of evidence that showed Chauvin publicly executing George Floyd & your racist defense didn’t hold up. The videos show fucked up the system really is! And in North Carolina they’re ensuring they don’t get another guilty verdict for a killer cop. 

The violence of the police doesn’t end at murdering innocent people of color, it’s the answer to protests against police violence too. In my hometown of Pittsburgh, police shot a protesters eye with a “less than lethal” rubber bullet, proving that anything fired at couple hundred meters per second is always lethal. But the protester, Alex Horrell, was then charged with a felony riot and several other misdemeanors. I bet the riot he caused was when he yelled out in pain when he was shot in the face by the Pittsburgh Police! 

As if the abuse of this protester ends there! Back in April during a hearing, the arresting officer, Officer Stumpf accosted Horell, claiming that he was taking photos of him in the courtroom! Horell was texting his roommate and proved that there were no photos being taken. Derek Chauvin was just as paranoid in the courtroom during his trial too. This is a sign of both steroid abuse and a guilty conscience. The irony here is that drug abuse is often used as a defense for police violence. 

“They were hopped up on the drugs! All of the ones the DARE program tells you not to do! We had to kill that person of color or they’d kill us!” This is like saying we all have to eat hamburgers and steak because the cows could eat us instead. They won’t. None of their 4 tummies can stomach the putrid meat of human beings. 

The Pittsburgh Police claim that Horell was trying to throw a canister of tear gas back at the cops. But Horell claims he never did, but others around him probably were. First of all, isn’t the bigger question, why the cops chose use a less than lethal round as lethally as possible? And secondly, we should be asking why its ok for the police to use a chemical weapon on civilians! A chemical weapon that is banned by the Geneva Conventions! Honestly we’ve gone to war with brown countries for less!

Cops claim they have a video of Horell committing property destruction but have yet to produce it. Similar to most Bigfoot videos, I’m sure this footage will be grainy, blurry & vaguely hairy! And by the end of it we’ll find out that it was a man in a suit the whole time! 

These laws are being written in states & cities that are controlled by Democrats & Republicans. Its not surprise that the Republicans are pro-police murder, considering they’re itching for slavery to return only to slap Abraham Lincoln in the face, but Democrats pretend like they’re on your side. Most liberals would likely expect these kinds of laws from someone like Trump but tend to forget history. Joe Biden wrote the Crime Bill to show everyone that the Democrats are in fact tough on crime, escalating the already violent police. And at every turn, Biden only refers to protests as riots! He’s just as bad as Trump was in demonizing the constitutional right to protest.  

The possible loophole these states are operating under is that the first amendment says “Congress” can’t make laws but state legislatures are different. Within the Bill of Rights, states have rights but states can’t go against any constitutionally granted rights! But that’s the grey area; do you uphold the constitution or states rights? If states are going to infringe on our rights then this most holy of documents needs to be rewritten because it is no longer Democratic!

America puts a lot of emphasis on voting and not enough emphasis on direct actions. It’s nice to say 250 million people voted but to see 250 million people taking to the streets, disrupting the daily complacency & challenging the states authoritarian actions is a whole different story. That shows how big the movement against the brutal police, authoritarians & white supremacists really is. A few years ago the Klan tried to hold rallies across Ohio. There were more Klan protesters than supporters! Compare that with the size of the BLM marches & the support for defunding the police, it clearly shows you where Americans are politically compared to these elected officials!

Anti-protest laws and the attacks on journalists push us further into fascism. And this is being done under Democrat Joe Biden! The same kind of police violence we see under Republicans is just amplified under Democrats because of their gutless platitudes & lack of real bold positive change. Instead of defunding the police and funding social programs, mental health services, education, after school programs & reducing poverty, Biden wants to teach the police to shoot you in the leg! Maimings for All! Its up to us to start pushing back against this kind of authoritarian bullshit, whether they approve our methods of protest and marches or not!