The Truth About Unionizing At Amazon! [The Dispatch]

About a month ago the whole country’s eyes were on Bessemer, Alabama. I know the stereotypical reasoning would be something racist happening in Alabama, and if you did think that you’re pretty ignorant to the history of Civil Rights in that state. I mean you could’ve also guessed there was a problem with a tide that just wouldn’t stop rolling. That would’ve been a better guess than something racist. And that’s not to say racism doesn’t exist in that state but rather that there is far more to that state than just one thing. 

The reason everyone was so tuned into Bessemer was over the vote to unionize at Amazon. The Retail Workers & Department Store Union or RWDSU would’ve been the union that would represent Amazon workers to ensure that meglomania doesn’t rule the workplace. Unfortunately the workers at Amazon voted the union down. Now before everyone freaks out and says “See, see! Nobody wants your commie-pinko-Russia-Putin-Socialist Union! Russia Russia Russia!” This vote wasn’t a consequence of the working class not wanting to Unionize, but rather a mix of fear pressure, corporate propaganda and failure on behalf of the Union itself! 

An Amazon employee said “The most important thing before a union vote is for the anger at the bosses to be stronger than the fear.” And this was the tactic that Amazon employed. And apparently Fear got a living wage of $30/hour and healthcare covered and a tax break! Fear was treated better than most Amazon employees

There was non stop bombardment of Anti-Union propaganda, where they said things like Unions will cause you lose your pay or your health insurance or they’ll eat your babies & make you sterile. Ok so that last one might be a slight exaggeration, but the keyword is slight. Some people do believe that Unions make you sterile because of Communism. Amazon employees reported that they were bombarded with this information daily. And there was very little information available to counter the lies Amazon told its employees about Unionization. 

These lies are similar to the lies told about Socialism by Capitalist! The lies all revolve around rights being taken away. “If you want Socialism then you’ll all have to wear the same thing, eat the same thing, live in the same house and go to the bathroom at the same time!” Yeah, that’s not true at all! In fact if we had Socialism running things in America, we’d have more rights and they’d actually be respected. That’s the problem with Capitalism, it has rights, but it just doesn’t respect them when it comes to the working class. 

It’s the same kind of lies Capitalism like to promote about the South. Everyone is a bunch of dumb rednecks that are racist and might make you sterile. But the word redneck itself has been co-opted by Capitalists to mean ignorant. Rednecks were radical socialists that took on big industries to ensure the working class were taken care of and respected. The state of West Virginia was filled with Radical Rednecks that helped miners make real money. And that’s not an exaggeration either. Miners were paid in fake money invented by the Mining Companies, called scrips, and they could only spend it in the Mine Towns. That’s how Capitalists operate. They reinvent slavery for the sake of their own profits.

If you made your riches by enslaving people or tormenting the working class then you’re not rich. If you gained your wealth on the suffering of others at the cost of your own soul and humanity then you’re not wealthy at all.   

Amazon, a Capitalist corporation run by Super Capitalist Jeff Bezos, has been eviscerating rights from their workers left and right. Amazon has a new app called ‘Mentor’ which uses cameras in the delivery van to monitor the road, the sides and the driver’s face! Now the claim is that this is to reduce accidents on the road. But really its for Jeff Bezos to study human expressions so he can fake them in public. “THIS IS HOW HUMANS SMILE!” And this is not an exaggeration. Billionaires have so much money they lose touch with their own humanity, so they’re not really Homo sapiens, but Homo Douchebagus or Homo Fuckfaceaus. 

Jeff Bezos has also made his employees download an app that tracks their whereabouts on and off the clock! Jeff Bezos just made himself into the worst version of Santa. He knows when you’re sleeping because it affects his bottom line! Hey Bezos, Lex Luthor called an he said STOP IT! Big Brother just gave him a golf clap. These tactics are clear violation of the Fourth Amendment which grants we the people the right to privacy. 

The biggest way Amazon used fear to prevent unionization was the use of an illegal mailbox in their parking lots. Union votes were to be mailed out to prevent one side from controlling or manipulating the votes. The National Labor Relations Board, or NLRB, told Amazon they can’t do something like that, but Bezos don’t give a shit. He has enough money to buy and shut down the NLRB because in Capitalist America the government is owned and operated by corporations. And after he pressured the United States Postal Service he put this illegal mailbox in the parking lot at Bessemer. He did mail the NLRB a postcard with a picture of himself, naked & flipping them the bird! 

This meant that workers had to vote in front of their supervisors who had been bombarding them with Anti-Union propaganda, and even threatening them with job loss if they did vote for unionization. This harkens back to the days of intimidation at the polls when black folks wanted to exercise the rights as citizens. What was next? A poll tax or a literacy test to prevent unionization? I wouldn’t be surprised if Jeff Bezos’ hero was Jim Crow. 

The counter to this fear and propaganda would’ve been a strong union presence at the work place. The RWDSU had very few people passing out flyers or canvassing the community for unionization. The union also didn’t hold rallies with the Amazon employees. And if they didn’t do that they also didn’t reach out other unions for solidarity. The blunt way of saying this is that Union didn’t fucking show up! They let Amazon carry out their blatant lies, fear pressure and propaganda. But as I’ve mentioned before, the World Socialist Website & Left Voice have both reported that the RWDSU has a record of siding with the corporations instead of the workers. 

But this has been a long standing problem with large corporate business unions; they forget about the workers. Most large unions like the AFL-CIO funnel the working class into the Democratic Party. And this is despite the fact that Democrats like Joe Biden are responsible for Unions loosing power. In 1947, the Taft-Hartly Act written by 2 Republicans and approved by Democrat Harry Truman ensured that Unions have very limited powers when it comes to collective bargaining. Truman and Biden are very similar people! They’re both racist, pathological liars that want people to fawn over bread crumbs!

And this is the reason why workers have to vote for a Union and why Amazon can do whatever it takes to manipulate and ensure they can continue abusing their employees for profit. And these employees are abused and traumatized by the company they work for, which is not why someone gets a job. And conditions are so bad that a few days after the vote for unionization failed, a worker at Bessemer collapsed and died on the job! If you’re wondering why people “don’t want to work anymore”, its because of corporations like Amazon. These assholes are no longer job creators, but worker assassins. 

The other employees were shocked but don’t worry Amazon did offer some grief counseling. Here’s a little snippet of Amazon’s grief counseling: “Are you sad? BUCK UP! We’re here to get these deliveries within 30 minutes or its free! You think Dominos is better than Amazon! Tuck your sadness away and worship the Bezos!” 

The AFL-CIO ran also ran a “shadow-campaign” to get Joe Biden elected. Time Magazine reported, using the phrase “shadow-campaign” and “conspiracy” to show how an Advisor to the President of the AFL-CIO used targeted ads, psychographics and manipulation to sway voters to vote for Biden. Now Biden did say he was going to make Unions strong again, but he wasn’t talking about Unions that actually go to bat for the workers like United Mine Workers Association of the 20s! He was addressing the AFL-CIO which has a history of racism and sexism. Unions that support & funnel workers in the Party get the head nod from Chairman…I mean President Biden. 

This bipartisan attack to ensure Unions have very little power has allowed companies like Amazon to use underhanded tactics to prevent the union from being in the thoughts of their workers! In November of 2020, it was revealed that Amazon is using Global Security Operations Center which hires former intelligence analysts to gather information about unionization at their plants. They hired the historically brutal strikebreaking company Pinkerton Inc. to infiltrate and spy on workers. Does anyone miss the days when Supervillains plots were to block out the sun or collect all the birds on the planet for themselves? And really who decides their career path is making the working class’ life miserable forever. That’s what these intelligence agents do. The CIA runs coups in nations that democratically elect a Socialist & the FBI murders people that are trying to feed the hungry. 

The best thing for Amazon workers now is to form Rank & File Safety Committees that collectively bargain directly with Management. This would be an organized group of workers who have a list of demands and if those demands are not met, they call a strike. They can empower themselves rather a corporatized union which is going to funnel them into the Democratic Party Machine. The same Democratic Party machine that allows Jeff Bezos to continue stripping workers rights and torture employees. A Rank & File Safety Committee would do exactly what the labor movement & the radical rednecks wanted to do and unite the working class against the bourgeoisie hell bent on making our lives miserable.