Fork Full Of Noodles with Krish Mohan #244 – India’s Attempting To Establish A Hindu Theocracy In Kashmir!

The question is why is there so much hullabaloo over the Kashmir valley? This goes back to Sultan Dynasty & the land laws put in place way back then. Remember at that point, Hindus were a minority but a high class minority. This is very different than a high class prostitute. Significantly less nudity with high class Hindu minorities. This meant that the Hindu Pandits could be land owners & were the bosses of the majority Muslim working class. They were also bureaucrats and helped shape laws which overtime wound up benefitting them. 

Even after Gulab Singh sold the expansive Kashmir empire to the British, these land laws stayed in place. In the 50s Sheik Abdullah changed the laws so that owner of the land was the one that worked the land rather than someone who had the economic means to purchase it. Eventually, the disputes over land laws caused the Hindu Pandits to leave Kashmir in the early 90s. 

This exodus made Kashmir an even more Muslim state and for the Hindu-centric BJP, this has always been a problem. It’s been a long standing mission of the BJPs parent company, the Rajistriya Swayamsevak Sangh, or RSS, to make India a fully Hindu country. Similar to how the Republicans want to make America a Christian nation. 

A few things wrong with this. Firstly both India & America are secular nations with the freedom of religion as part of their constitutions. This means you’re allowed to believe whatever you’d like. Secondly it’s doubtful that the politicians that preach this kind of religiosity actually follow the tenants of the religion. Both Hinduism & Christianity put their weight in community, kindness & making this world our heaven. They have very socialist leanings in their teachings. Which means if you’re a Capitalist country, you’re neither a Christian or a Hindu nation! 

Look if either country was going to govern based on their chosen religion, they would ensure that homelessness wasn’t running rampant in their countries, they wouldn’t strip rights away from groups of people they didn’t understand and they’d punch a banker in the taint every 45 seconds. Since neither country wants to do any of that, they’re not actually governing based on the tenants of the religion, but rather the tenants of sociopathy and greed! 

But that’s what the RSS & the BJP want for India: a Hindu Kashmir. By revoking Article 370 and 35A, they’ve ensured that foreigners can come in and purchase land if they’d like to, harkening back to the Dogra Dynasty and the British rule of the subcontinent. This includes people from Indian mainland who can move to the valley and purchase property without getting a permanent residency in Kashmir. 

Under Article 370, Kashmir was an autonomous region within India. This special status is given to several states in India to preserve culture, language and history, but the only special status that was under fire was a predominantly Muslim Kashmir.

Revoking Kashmir’s special status is a clear attempt to forcibly change the demographics of the region & get rid of Kashmir’s culture & philosophy of coexistence. 

I will say the one thing I appreciate about the BJP is that they only have one parent company, the RSS. In America, both parties have so many parent companies its hard to keep track of. Both parties answer to the likes of the NRA, Coke & Pepsi, Exxon, Exxon-Mobil, Chevron, Techron, Raytheon, General Dynamics, Boeing, GM, the Wall Street Bull, the Wall Street Bull’s Balls, and whatever Elon Musk’s kid’s name is. There’s simplicity in India’s fascism and I appreciate that. 

India’s push for a theocracy is carrying over the problem with Partition. England split India & Pakistan over religious grounds. But we’ve seen how both regions can co-exist in peace and cooperation in the Kashmir valley! So the BJP & RSS are continuing Imperial Britain’s agendas. And I think we can all agree that nobody wants to see India go back to anything resembling British rule. Well maybe some people in England do. Like the queen…if colonies came back maybe she & the crown would be relevant again. How sad is your existence when the only thing that gives your life meaning is global indentured slavery. 

India’s pro-Hindu agenda isn’t the only thing at the center of the battle for Kashmir. It’s also America. The Biden Administration has been calling for a full out hot war with China and India is the key player in this. The US has been pushing India to be more aggressive on the Chinese border, and in August 2020, they were. Tensions in the Ladakh territory almost led to a full scale war between India & China, something that hasn’t happened since the 60s. 

India is part of the “Quad”. This a coalition of 4 countries – The US, India, Japan & Australia – who’ve agreed to stop China’s human rights abuses. But all 4 countries are ignoring their own. Particularly the human rights abuses committed by India in the Kashmir valley & its dissenting citizens and America’s human rights abuses…well everywhere!

Look that’s not an exaggeration. America is an imperial force that is waging war across the Middle East, against all people of color in its own country, against unions, cannabis, real journalism and Christmas! There have also been a few skirmishes with Hanukkah but America doesn’t like talking about it too much. And now it wants to start a new war in the Pacific! America is also encouraging India to ban weapons purchases from Russia and start purchasing weapons from the US, which means this is also more about arms sales than it is about human rights abuses. 

Also, calling this alliance the “Quad” just makes these 4 countries sound like the Avengers of war mongering!

But China has interests in the valley too! China and Pakistan have kept a close alliance to control Kashmir’s water supply and have access for a pipeline to go from the Gulf into the Chinese mainland! Now its worth mentioning that all this is going to achieve is China & Pakistan poisoning the water supply since every pipeline ever has leaked!

This once again shows how none of these nations actually care about what Kashmiris think. They are just trying to battle each other for resources that don’t belong to them. They’ve changed laws, imprisoned the people in their own countries and wrecked the beautiful land with endless battles, all for a few extra bucks! But no amount any currency can make up for the human cost that’s been paid in the valley!     

At the end of the day, what happens to Kashmir should not be dictated by India, Pakistan, China or any other nation. It should be determined by its people. We should ask them how they identify. The answer is probably as Kashmiris. While we’re at it we should also ask Pluto what it identifies as instead of just sticking a label based on our ill conceived notions. Kashmir deserves its autonomy. And because of how it’s been treated, India, Pakistan, England, China & the US owe them help to get back up on their feet. Perhaps if Kashmir was allowed to thrive, we could learn how to coexist in a world with different beliefs! We could learn to value & grow from those differences & close the Fascist Pandora’s Box for good.