Fork Full Of Noodles with Krish Mohan #248 – PROOF Israel Is An Apartheid State

In order to manufacture support for Israel’s actions, they’ve used various points of propaganda to ensure that there is no sympathy for the Palestinians suffering under the rule of a wannabe Theocratic Dictatorship. They primarily use Islamaphobia and saying Hamas is a terrorist organization. 

As I mentioned earlier, in order to justify attacking Gaza on a pretty regular basis, Israel has deemed every Palestinian as an agent of Hamas. You never know with these kinds of things. A particular Gazan might know someone who knows someone that once bought a tomato from a guy who used to hangout with someone who’s kid used play games on a daily basis in a building that next to a building that once had a poster of a guy that hi-fived someone that was associated with Hamas. And by the law of Kevin Bacons…they’re all Hamas. 

I like to call this the Transitive Property Of Imperialist Bullshit! According to official reports, if that last statement made your head spin, it’s because you’re not letting the state department do your thinking for you. 

This argument that every Gazan is an agent Hamas leads into the rumor that Hamas uses them as human shields. First of all, if Israel’s claim is that they are good guys, then they should act like it. Never in the history of good guys have they ever attacked human shields. If Lex Luthor is using Lois Lane as a human shield as a way to stop Superman, Superman then doesn’t punch through Lois to get Luthor! Good guys don’t fire on human shields. 

Israel also has no proof of human shields except in propaganda cartoons. Regardless of if that were true or not, you don’t fire on hospitals, schools, news buildings and residential sites. During the Great March of Return, snipers fired on journalists, children, the disabled and medics, NOT AN ARMY! Then they used a famous Palestinian medic’s words against her own people by claiming she validated the human shield argument. 

What she actually said was that the medics are shields for the already wounded, since Israeli snipers fire on civilians when they’re already down.

Israel claims that Hamas is Headquartering in places like hospitals & schools because they know they’ll be protected…kinda. I mean Israel is still going to fire on them. Wait so if Israel is going to fire on them regardless why would they hide in those buildings? And besides with the amount of destruction that Israel has caused Gaza, there’s not a lot of places for anyone to gather.   

But Israel is guilty of what they claim Hamas does. The Israel Defense Force’s Headquarters is located in the middle of a residential neighborhood in Tel Aviv. And Israel has the funds and help to rebuild their towns, while Gazans can’t even find clean drinking water and enough to eat.

Israel has strict sanctions on Gaza that controls what gets in and out. In 2012, 93% of the people that applied to leave Gaza were approved. In 2017 that number went down to 54% and that number is in decline. Plus Israel put a blockade on food claiming they need to put Gaza on a diet!

Look Israel is just trying to help. The Gazan diet was so bad, that they would just spontaneously explode, probably because they were eating too much. I mean sure was this after Israeli rockets were fired into Gaza, yes, sure, but correlation is not causation. Who know what was causing Gazans to explode. So it’s a safe bet just say its was their food intake. 

And if those previous statements made your blood boil, its because you’re not letting the state department do your thinking for you. And that’s really on you. 

I’m sure some folks are saying, well if things in Gaza are so bad, they should just leave. And if you could remove the privilege off you face holes for just a second you’ll see that Gaza is an open air prison. They can’t leave. Israel has tight restrictions on the borders. Remember the Great March of Return and the 1954 Infiltration Law? And they can’t leave by sea because of the IDF’s Naval Fleet will shoot them & Israel has made a deal with Egypt’s military dictatorship to fire on any vessels leaving Gaza by sea. 

Yet somehow we’re supposed to feel bad for Israel in all this? The nation where its citizens are told they’re protected with military on the streets constantly and somehow that’s a good thing. The hypocrisy of saying Israel is a great place to visit despite its constant terror attacks makes absolutely no sense. 

Many people are calling Israel an Apartheid state, and that’s primarily because it is. The 3 factors that constitute an Apartheid state are: an intent to dominate one group of people over another, systemic oppression using race a motivator and one or more inhumane acts, which includes denying people the right to leave and/or return to their country of origin, expropriation of land and the creation of ghettos. 

Chris Hedges broke down a few of the wars crimes Israel is guilty of that also prove it is an apartheid state. Article 33 of the Geneva Conventions states the collective punishment of a group of people is illegal. In this case it would be the Palestinians and the Arabs in the region who are being punished by Israel and United States for just being who they are. Even Israeli Arabs, which sounds like an oxymoron, aren’t treated equally within the borders of Israel. 

Article 49 of the Geneva Conventions was violated when hundreds and thousands of Palestinians were purged from their homes after 1948, 1967 and all the way up to today! And UN General Assembly 49 states these refugees have the right to return to their homes. But Israel’s 1954 law states that they will shoot anyone trying to return to their homes on site. They wrote an Apartheid law! 

Israel is also not a Democracy. Former Israeli Prime Minister & winner of the most smug smile award, Benjamin Netanyahu has stated that Israel is a nation for the Jewish People ONLY! This means if you’re Muslim, Christian, Agnostic, Atheist, or anything other than a Jew, you are less than in Israel. And you have less rights and your votes mean less. No Democracy can claim to be a Democracy when a group of people are considered less than. Israel is and always has been a Military Theocracy! 

They also use Islamaphobia as a tool to justify their war crimes. Israeli citizens are fine with the murder of Palestinians, because they’re convinced that it’s us or them. Islamaphobia is such an important tool for Israel, that they looked at 9/11 as a positive since it shifted the narrative about Muslims on a global scale. It associated the religion of Islam with terrorism and made any adversary of them a good guy.  

CNN once asked Palestinian Poet & Writer, Mohammed El Kurd whether he supported the violent protest that had erupted in solidarity with his and other families. He responded with “Do you support the violent dispossession of my family?” Don’t worry CNN didn’t respond, so I’ll go ahead and respond for them. Yes they do. He’s brown with a very Muslim name and as a network their policy is to dehumanize all vaguely ethnic peoples. You get it, it’s just company policy and everyone at CNN is a company man…even the women. 

It’s not hard to breakdown the lies coming from Israel about Palestinians when you pay attention to history and human rights. There are no justifications for Israel’s treatment of Palestinians. And any justifications are coming from people that are fine with war crimes, as long as they’re perpetrated on people we don’t really like or understand.