Fork Full Of Noodles with Krish Mohan #250 – The Working Class Is Manipulated Into Supporting War

The Military Industrial Complex uses the Working Class to not only go fight in the oligarch’s wars, but also build weapons for the Industry. And in order to keep recruitment up, they use Hollywood & corporate media to manipulate support.

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War. Some have asked “what is it good for?” The answer to that really depends on what you believe in. If you’re a Socialist like I am, you believe that it’s good for absolutely nothing. At current, a standing defense military is probably what we need, because the need for conflict is still a part of human nature. But if we all had a more peaceful outlook to problem solving, perhaps even that would seem unnecessary. At that point the only thing we’d need a military for is defending ourselves from hostile alien invasions or Dick Cheney’s Android Body. 

But under Capitalism, which is what controls a majority of our governing bodies, war is good for profit or rather its made good for profit. Under Capitalism, War is one of the most lucrative industries around. It’s spawned corporations who specialize in selling instruments and methods of death. It’s purchased politicians & gets a ton of advertising. 

America has structured its culture & society to serve the Military Industrial Complex or MIC. The MIC consists of The Pentagon, the corporations that sell war goods and services to the world’s Militaries, intelligence agencies like the CIA, allied Capitalist Regimes, and elected representatives on Capitol Hill. Its main goal is fund and aid permanent warfare. If there wasn’t permanent warfare and new enemies to vanquish constantly, how can Capitalism profit from manufactured death? 

I mean sure the easy answer to that is maybe don’t turn war into an industry that depends on infinite profit from death. But who are you Dwight Eisenhower who predicted how terrible the Military Industrial Complex would be American citizens?

Average soldiers aren’t really part of the Military Industrial Complex. High ranking Generals on the other hand are part of the MIC. Soldiers are expendable pawns that are used by the war profiteers that work within the MIC. And look I understand that sounds a bit harsh, but let’s really look at what war actually is. 

War is the ruling class sending the working class of one nation to battle and kill the working class of another nation. There are several ways that the MIC convinces the working class to do so. [COVER] In our current climate, most people are overworked and underpaid. And even if they’re paid well, they’re still overworked. 

Under Capitalism, the 40 hour work week is stretched like those jeans you want to desperately fit into right after your Thanksgiving dinner. It’s not going to happen and something is going to pop. Most Americans work multiple jobs and still don’t get their basic needs covered. This means most working class Americans are either too exhausted & distracted to see how unequal things ACTUALLY are or are too comfortable with their own ignorance. 

Now War Corporations, like Raytheon, Boeing, General Dynamics and so on and on and on…those corporations often use the working class as scapegoats to justify their unnecessary existence. They claim they’re job creators and help the working class that way. But these jobs are almost always part-time, temporary and menial. As the working class makes the weapons of war that are used on other working class people, the CEOs of these War Corporations are making about half a billion dollars a year by selling death on a global scale. 

And even then, most of the major, expensive pieces of weaponry, that are meant to spread democracy & freedom with explosions, are built overseas. The F-35 Strike Fighter was built in Italy and Japan. This means freedom is not really built in America. Even American Freedom is likely made in China. 

Plus this military equipment that is built by civilian labor isn’t available for civilian use. And no military equipment is ever considered for civilian use until it no longer serves the MIC. That was the case with the Internet, the microwave, jet engines and I believe the pet rock. And civilians didn’t really get the pet rock either…like its a rock right? These are called ancillary benefits of the war industry. Imagine what kind of advancements we could’ve come up with if we spent the amount we spend on the military on healthcare, education, housing, or cannabis research.

But the military actually prevents the best and the brightest from going into those fields. The MIC funds STEM, Science, Technology, Education & Math programs to siphon any talented graduates to work for them. This is what happens to most recruits; they don’t become soldiers they end up working for the War Corporations or the Pentagon. The military calls it the “Brain Drain”! Ah yes, its always good to have a program named after a B-Horror flick from the 50s. Nothing says you’re a serious organization like a rhyme scheme. 

Military Funding of STEM effectively kills effective science, which is based on free and open discussion. The military now financially controls that discussion to use STEM as an instrument of death rather than one of progress. Look, LSD is demonized by the MIC because there was no offensive use for it. But research from around the world has proven that LSD can be used as way to help treat depression, anxiety and bunch of mental health issues. Plus it’ll help you see that most wars are based on bullshit and rich dudes jerking themselves off to show other rich dudes how awesome they are at jerking themselves off. 

To further prevent the working class from seeing the truth, Hollywood films are used to show the military in a very positive light. The American military is always presented as the good guys who are there to save the savage black & brown folks who can’t help but be their own enemies. 

Oh right, if you needed another reason to be against the MIC, it’s racist as fuck. But they sell that racism as Patriotism, so if you’re not racist then are you truly American? The Military Industrial Complex says a No!  

Every pro-nationalist America movie, which could just be titled “White Savior: The American Dick Measuring Story”, has an average American soldier that battles the odds against the rabid black or brown terrorist to bring freedom and democracy to the faces of little black & brown children! Doesn’t that just warm the cockles of your heart? 

And it doesn’t even have to be a pro-nationalist movie. It could be an action flick or comic book movie or a romantic comedy that uses some kind of military equipment and if they do, the MIC has to be involved. In most cases they’ll send a script supervisor to make sure the narratives are what they’d like them to be. In a lot of these movies and shows intelligence agents from organizations like the CIA are shown as badass martial arts experts & wildly athletic. None of that is actually true. 

And really think about it here…Does Mike Pompeo look like he knows Judo? Do you think that man can execute a flawless side kick? It’s been decades since he’s seen his own penis. The second he decided he wants to coup Iran, his penis just shriveled up. You don’t have time for erections when you’re “liberating” savages!  

Do you think at his prime, George Bush was a Tae-Kwan-Do master? More like Tae-Kwan-Fuck NO! The gentle breeze created by uttering the word ‘Socialism’ can knock over George Bush in his prime. If a feather from a goose down pillow lands on him the wrong way we have to shut down Texas to get him to the hospital, STAT! These people’s bodies might be more frail than their egos.

But Hollywood isn’t as bad as Corporate Media when it comes to being the propaganda mouthpiece of the MIC. Corporate Media’s goal is to maintain economic order by constantly manufacturing consent for war. They do this not only with the tragedy they call the news, but also with ads. Ads that make joining the military look like you’d be the hero of your own video game titled: White Savior: the movie is now a video game that you can live!

And sure we expect a right wing network like CNN or a clinically insane network like Fox News to do it, but outlets like NPR are also responsible. This is because NPR is an outlet that has the facade of a lovey, left-wing news outlet with its dulcet tones and stories about the Gentu Penguins and shit but lets not forget they were calling for the US to go to war with Iraq over no proof! NPR much like the other alphabet news corporations is also funded by the Military Industrial Complex. 

And every so often networks like NPR will do what can be considered an Anti-War segment. But they conclude without going into the details of warfare and just say “war can be bad”. And this is useful for the MIC because then they can deflect any claims that they’re an authoritarian force. What authoritarian force would let a media outlet take a hardcore stance like “war bad, maybe…it really depends”? 

The primary goal for Corporate Media is to sensationalize fear. Every threat, real or not, has to be hyped up! So making the claim that the Muslims are out to get you and your wholesome Christian baby is necessary to fuel support for the War Industry. There’s a higher chance you get hit by lightning than a Muslim. There’s a higher likelihood that Mike Pompeo does a roundhouse kick without shitting himself before you get kicked or killed by a Muslim.

Fear is so profitable that I’m shocked America doesn’t keep the Halloween store, Spirit open all year round. 

The working class is tricked into believing America needs to be in war all the time. With Capitalism at its side, the Military Industrial Complex has uses jobs as a weapon of ignorance against the working class citizens of America. Then they double down with the heavy artillery of corporate media & Hollywood propaganda to ensure that dissent is seen as a national security threat rather than what we the people are supposed to do when power runs amok.