Fork Full Of Noodles with Krish Mohan #251 – The American Government Is Run By The Military Industrial Complex

With the Citizens United Decision, The Military Industrial Complex purchases politicians to ensure its astronomical budget stays astronomical! Plus with the use mercenaries War Corporations ensure their budget keeps going up.

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Manipulating the working class is only one part of the puzzle. The Military Industrial Complex has also taken over the Government. With the inclusion of the Military Establishment of the Pentagon, almost every member of Congress and the Department of Defense, the MIC dictates how America is governed and what it legislates on its own behalf. 

Congresspeople are pretty ignorant to how much influence the War Industry has on American culture and society. A lot of that has to do with them being out of touch millionaires. Even members of certain committees, like the Armed Services and Intelligence Communities, only focus on profit & information one upsmanship. It’s like if a Tom Clancy novel was as boring as a John Grisham novel! And thanks to the Citizens United decision War Corporations can now own politicians and dictate larger budgets for the MIC. 

The primary way these politicians end up giving the military such extraordinary budgets is because the War Industry uses lobbyists to bribe them. I’m sorry, legally bribe them. And if you’re concerned that’s an oxymoron, you’d be right. And oxymoron is the perfect description of how the American government operates. 

Jimmy Williams, a former lobbyist describes what the job of a lobbyist is and how it purchases politicians. He says “years of legalized bribery exposed me to the worst elements of this country…unlimited expense accounts, nights out on the town, expensive bottles of wine, etc…endless cycle of money trading hands for votes…every time a bill passed or better yet, killed, I’d think to myself ‘that wouldn’t have worked if I hadn’t bought the outcome!” 

Really if you’re a successful, long-term lobbyist you’re most likely a sociopath who only believes in money. And yes I’m saying that is a bad thing. Look friends don’t let friends drive a sociopathic billionaire’s profit higher and higher! 

All of this is to make sure more and more money is budgeted for the military, the Department of Defense and the Pentagon. In order to get an astronomically insane amount of money, these departments under estimate their costs and then when new equipment, modifications & upgrades come up, the cost goes way up. And without these modifications the American military, aka the world’s largest military, will fall behind on advancements right? 

If all that sounds oxymoronic, you’d be right…again. 

And once these departments get the money, they have to spend it all, otherwise they don’t get the same amount or more the next year. Good, I’m glad the war budget operates the same way a Division D College’s Student Activity budget works. Because hiring an entertainer to ensure college students aren’t non-stop sexing each other is exactly on the same level of importance as warfare! 

But this need to spend it all is why The Pentagon has failed every single audit it’s ever gone through in the history of the Pentagon. And this has become such a standard, that the whole country would shutdown if the Pentagon actually passed an audit. As Reuters reported, The Defense Finance & Accounting Service has to cook the books in order to make this appear normal. The reality is we don’t know how much money the Pentagon ACTUALLY spends on what it needs. This is a mystery even Scooby Doo can’t solve. 

Something we do know is the DOD and the Pentagon use the services of the War Corporations of America. These corporations are publicly traded companies, which means people can own stock in how popular merchants of death are! Investment banks and asset management firms have stock in these companies. This is how Wall St. operates; making money out of more money by selling death. 

But these corporations – who also benefit from owning politicians that help them get more money by increasing the War budget every year – don’t call themselves War Corporations. They call themselves “Defense Contractors”! Services to purchase when defending a democracy no-one asked you to! Defense Contractors fabricate, test, evaluate, qualify, assemble, market, inspect, package, deliver, sustain, maintain, & redesign products and bill those who use these services they manufacture the demand for. And since these contractors have no national loyalty, they sell to anyone and everyone they can. 

74% of the nations America considers undemocratic and authoritarian receive weapons from these Defense Contractors and military aid from America. The Defense Security & Cooperation Agency is the intermediary that helps these War Corporations sell weapons to foreign nations while operating within US borders. London, Riyadh, Abu Dhabi and Tel Aviv are some of their customers. 

The claim is they use this for self defense. But we know in the case of Tel Aviv and Riyadh, these American weapons are used to oppress the people of a different nation. And these customers of War are the aggressors in these situations not the defenders. Using the propaganda wing of the Arms industry, the US manufactures the “right” side of history. 

This practice of selling weapons to nations that actively violate human rights on a daily basis was normalized by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. FDR signed the Quincy Pact in 1945 with Saudi Arabia that let the US surround Saudi Arabia with military bases & give preferential treatment to US corporations for the infinite use of the American Military by the Saudi royals. 

In order to ensure high profitability, America, a faux champion of human rights, chose one of the worst nations for human rights to be its partner in the Middle East. Further proof that there is no moral high ground for America and its Military. Saudi Arabia has used American backed force to attack & destroy Yemen. So far over 233k people have died in Yemen and the Biden Administration approved an offensive at start of the term. 

But War Corporations don’t take responsibility for what their customers do with their products. War Profiteers distance themselves from the destruction and death of their products because “they’re not the ones firing the missile”. 

Name one other purpose for a missile? Ok, wait, name one non-sexual secondary purpose for a missile? There aren’t any other purposes for a bomb other than to explode, destroy and kill. Hence regardless of how much distance you put, if you make a killing tool, regardless of who fires it, its created intent is and always will be to kill. And as its manufacturer, you are responsible for this weapon you sold to maniacs that are going to use it for its intended purpose. This is a basic level of knowledge which when accepted will ensure that you, as a war profiteer, never sleep at night. Primarily because you’ll haunted by the billions you’ve killed to be a rich bitch!

And this distance is created in the way these corporations market themselves. They say they’re “Providing solutions to our customers” Solutions to what? “How do you erase your fingerprints in destabilization a prospering Socialist Democracy & installing a terror cell inside that nation? Raytheon’s Freedom Bundle will take care of that for you! Reign down some hellfire missiles and say goodbye to the drought of sovereignty that’s held these countries back for decades. Raytheon. Fuck your democracy! We’ll buy you a new one!”

So what are the solutions they provide? They claim they’re providing “Digital”, “information” or “innovative” solutions. Fun new ways of saying “genocide”. “If you’re unsure of what side you need to be on as an American always choose the Geno-SIDE. Raytheon! Because fuck you if you think your vote matters!” I know this is a dark joke, but if you’re offended remember that ACTUAL genocide is a lot darker than my wordplay. At least my wordplay didn’t drop a bomb on a wedding. 

But in some instances, War Corporations work together to make one product for the military. The MQ-9 Drone has components made by at least 6 different war profiteers. Honeywell made the engine. Boeing, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics and Raytheon built the weaponry and armaments. And L3 Harris made the targeting system. Gee I wonder what improvements to high speed rail or other modes of transportation we could make if we didn’t use this technology to slaughter black & brown people across the globe? 

But the War Corporations don’t only sell weapons as part of their “innovative solutions”, they also sell soldiers…Soldiers of Fortune that is. These mercenaries, who also brand themselves “contractors”, are hired in part to save the rich. If there was a draft instated, the sons and daughters of corporate & political elites would be off to war. So mercenaries get hired to hyper-privatize the already privatized war industry. And this in turn helps the military get a higher budget since they had to purchase the mercenaries. 

The other purpose they serve is to make the US military look better than it is. Mercenaries are used to make sure uniformed troop casualties are kept at a minimum. If there are more mercenaries than soldiers, that means there will be more mercenary casualties and fatalities than the soldiers. So the military looks like its succeeding and is far more powerful than it actually is. 

Logically wouldn’t the easiest the way to do that be not to have such a massive military? Logic goes out the window when the question “Well how do you expect to make money?” Comes into play. Instead the war industry found a loophole to make money and send more working class people to their deaths for the sake someone else’s profit. 

Now that we’ve covered the more exciting products sold by the merchants of death lets go into the more mundane ones. Base Operations Support Services or BOSS, are services that used to be done by the soldiers. These are things like facility management, cooking and janitorial services. Your more mundane day to day tasks. 

Fake Martial Artist & A-1 Creep, Stephen Segal played a BOSS employee in Under Siege and the direct to VHS release Under Siege 2: The Seigening. But in Under Seige 3: The Siege Won’t, Can’t Stop, Segal played a civilian who has to take up arms to save a baby or something. It was a really confusing direct to Youtube movie.  

Trillions of dollars has been spent by the Military Industrial Complex to manufacture a permanent state of war so business can continue to boom as other nations go boom! If we even take a fraction of that amount and redistribute that to healthcare, education, housing, utilities and internet services, we’d uplift every single American’s lives and as a mega bonus, no one had to die to do it.