Fork Full Of Noodles with Krish Mohan #252 – The Term ‘Classified’ Is Used For Propaganda

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There is a justification to this insanely large War Budget. Some people say that this high cost is worth it to preserve our freedoms. And this is a fabrication. The Military Industry Complex actually jeopardizes our freedoms at home and strips freedoms from other countries. As I pointed out earlier, almost 3/4 of our weapon sales go to nations that are oppressing another group of people, like in the case of Israel oppressing Palestine and Saudi Arabia oppressing Yemen. 

And the other 25% of the countries America considers “undemocratic” are Socialist Democracies that have rejected American imperialism like Venezuela, Bolivia, Honduras, and various other Latin & South American countries. So America puts Economic Sanctions on them preventing them being able to participate in global trade & accessing their own funds overseas. That’s what American freedom actually looks like! 

Sanctions are warfare. Instead of using bullets and bombs, it uses the Capitalism’s favorite thing, money as a tool to bring pain, trauma and death to countries that have chosen to take care of their people instead of chase the dragon that is infinite profit. 

Most of the propaganda and the ad budgets are going to cover their own asses and ensure that the general public can’t see the destruction they cause and the war crimes they commit. The biggest example of that is the amount of time, money and energy that has been spent on trying to extraditing Julian Assange for revealing the atrocities of 2 branches of the Military Industrial Complex. Assange, Wikileaks and many other Whistleblowers showed us that the US military openly kills civilians and journalists, while the CIA uses entertainment technologies, like a smart TV, to spy on American citizens. 

Most recently it was revealed that 70 civilians in Syria were murdered by an American drone. Task Force 9, the group that dropped the bomb, claimed it was self defense. The video revealed there were 3 people with guns, but they weren’t in attack position. There were more civilians than potential threats. After the attack, Task Force 9 bulldozed the area, hiding key evidence and communication logs were changed. All this was revealed to Congress by a whistleblower who witnessed the bombing from a military base miles away. How are all these people involved not in prisons for committing war crimes?!

Well the Pentagon did investigate themselves and they found they didn’t do anything wrong. I mean of course they did. This is an organization that thinks hiring mercenaries is a morally upstanding decision, while they fail every audit they’ve ever undergone. That’s like asking a serial killer if they’re a serial killer. Of course they’re going to say no! And then they’ll likely recite their manifesto to you. The military just recites recruitment propaganda. 

Its interesting that we chastise whistleblowers for revealing crimes that the military and the elite have committed but if a civilian is to even J-walk in America, those same people call for the death penalty. This is how the ‘classified’ label warps and kills critical thinking, which is another casualty of the war industry. The ‘classified’ label is how the MIC hides their war crimes & human rights violations. If they’re not doing anything wrong, what do they have to hide, right? So if America is always on the up & up why would they need to classify any documents about the American military shooting journalists and unarmed civilians from a helicopter?

Look I understand that troop movements and active missions have to remain classified for the sake of the soldiers. But that’s not what this label is primarily used for. What we see is the media using the ‘classified’ label as a way to demonize journalism & get away with war crimes.  

The military is also the world’s largest polluter. The obvious reason is that they destroy the very Earth itself with a barrage of rockets and the never-ending precipitation of hellfire missiles. The large vehicles that transport these weapons and the bases themselves run on all the fossil fuels. They also use burn pits as waste management. This puts toxins & carcinogens into the air, which then affects the soldiers and veterans of these war zones along with the natives. 

War Corporations also mismanage hazardous wastes and chemicals that run off into the water system at home and aboard. One of these by products is depleted uranium which can cause catastrophic health emergencies in communities. The money spent by the War Industry is literally a cancer on this planet. 

The Military Industrial Complex claims their mission is to “protect & promote freedom around the world” and position themselves as altruistic and benevolent. Benevolent organizations don’t fund the bombing of civilians and journalists thousands of miles away and then fund the cover up of that story. And they definitely don’t fund poisoning the citizens they claim to protect by being headquartered in their communities. And most definitely don’t topple legitimate democracies because they can’t just take their resources. 

The American Military Industrial Complex is like a spoiled child that needs a spanking and a time out. 

The astronomical amount of money the MIC gets is spent on objectively bad things. And the MIC is important for capitalism. Everyone prospers when the War Industry prospers. Even regular evil corporations like Amazon, Facebook, Spotify, Google and the like are contracted by the Military Industrial Complex. So supporting those companies thereby helps aid the MIC’s budget increase. That’s why the center of Capitalism is an economy built on perpetual war. 

And yes I know it sounds like I’m saying money is inherently evil and when it’s used by Capitalists it is. Right now it’s used a limiter.  Something that only has value when it perpetuates more pain & trauma and makes money on the distractions from that pain. But when money is used to improve people’s lives rather than cause them pain, money becomes an avenue to progress that’ll eventually lead us to a society that has no use for money and if we’re really lucky no uses for a military either.