Fork Full Of Noodles with Krish Mohan #254 – Debunking Western Media’s Propaganda About China’s Socialist Construction

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Americans are the most propagandized people on the planet. How China is depicted in American corporate media is a glaring example of how propagandized Americans really are. It shows how China has a 20% favorability in America and people talk shit on China constantly, but #StopAsianHate trends on Twitter. 

One of the biggest pieces of propaganda we hear is about China’s non-stop human rights abuses. And when people ask for proof, Corporate Media shows a blurry photo of what could also just be a sonogram. But where they did show some proof was the violence against the Muslim Uyghur population in Xianjing. But it was of course it was all a hoax from manipulated data. 

American Corporate media was reporting about a genocide of the Muslim Uyghur population based on a paper published by Adrian Zenz, a right wing scholar and Evangelical Christian. According to Zenz, there is a “demographic genocide” of the Muslim Uyghurs in “authoritarian” China.

Before we go on here, we should address the term “right-wing scholar”. I’m sure if you’re reader like myself, that term gave you a headache. That’s like saying “friendly shark” or “productive politician” or “racist intellectual”. It just doesn’t add up in your brain. And if it does, I’m afraid you’re having a non-stop stroke and should consult a doctor and a library…I’m sorry, libarry in your native tongue of ignorance.  

Ok, so Adrian Zenz is not just an oxymoron but also a christian fundamentalist that doesn’t believe in LGBTQ rights or gender equality. He also says he’s “led by God” to bring down China. Name one time in human history where someone has claimed they’re “led by God” and it didn’t end in bloodshed? You can’t. Because it’s never happened. The only reason we tolerate that kind of stuff is because he’s Anti-Socialism and rich. If an average Joe was making those kinds of claims, he’d be institutionalized.

Also, didn’t God make Chinese people too? So wouldn’t they be children of God as well? So why would God make one of his kids kill another bunch of his kids? Sounds pretty fucked up to me. Like even Shakespeare wouldn’t come up with a tragedy this insane. 

So let’s breakdown exactly what was happening in China and how the real information got filtered through the diagnosably schizophrenic brain of Adrian Zenz. Between 2010 & 2018, the Uyghur population grew by about 25%. The native Chinese Han population grew about a million in that time. The Han population’s growth was regulated because of China’s one child policy. 

In 1979, China’s one child policy was used to limit the growth of a population so they could stabilize their economy and allocate resources appropriately. But at that same time, the policy also included intrusive methods like monitoring menstruation & coerced sterilization along with monetary fines. This was called being a fucking creep! But hey, how is that any different than what Republicans want to do with women’s health in America in 2021. The Ugyhur population was exempt from this law but was still somewhat regulated. Ugyhurs were allotted 2-3 kids. 

In 2015, under Xi Jingping, this law was relaxed. Everyone could have up to 2 children in urban areas and 3 in rural areas. The focus of this new plan was family planning and sexual education along with making contraception more available to people in all communities. [SC 9] In 2017, China’s National Health & Planning Commission put $5.2 billion into their infrastructure to ensure people’s health was a priority. They offered free mental health services and inoculations as part of this. 

After 2015, the infant mortality rates & life expectancy rose everywhere in China, but particularly in the Xianjing province. And a new generation of more sexually liberated people were not looking to have children. This is what contributed to the decrease in birthrates in the world’s most populated country. 

Article 2(d) of the Geneva Conventions states a “demographic genocide” would be: “Imposing measures to prevent births within the group” and is qualified by those acts “committed with the intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such”  “Preventing births” isn’t genocide, its birth control. Condoms prevent births. Are you saying the Trojan Man is a genocidal maniac that gets commercials during America’s Got Talent?! Do you believe the phrase “wrap it before you tap it” is a call to bring back the death camps? I mean it can be seen that way from the perspective of sperm. Birth control…well that’s just in the name. It’s controlling births, more accurately it controls whether you want to have births or not.

Zenz’s paper shows a photo of an elderly couple getting a health check up and reports that as intrusive birth control methods! What? No-one over the age of 50 is trying to have kids, unless they’re the punchline of a Tracy Morgan joke! Because the State Department published Zenz’s paper, they didn’t peer review or corroborate his stories. Why look for proof when all you want is manipulated data for the sake of propaganda. Guys facts don’t care about your feelings, but propaganda will gaslight you to think your feelings don’t even exist. 

China Specialist, Lyle Goldstein countered Zenz’s paper and added that the Uyghurs are repressed in China, far more than what lefty, Socialist, progressives would like, but there’s no evidence of a genocide. In fact, with how much China puts into healthcare, it sounds like they’re trying to improve their lives. OH its a monetary genocide! Sociopathic Capitalists like Adrian Zenz look at how much money being put into a healthcare program as a genocide of cash. Helping people kills cash, y’all. Won’t somebody think of the Benjamins.

Like the US has any grounds to talk about the persecution of a minority community when minorities have been victims of America’s foreign and domestic policies. How many Muslim countries is America at war with? A fuckin’ bunch of them! 

How many extreme fundamentalist groups has America armed gleefully!? I’ll give you a hint, it’s fucking all of them. Peace isn’t good for business. 

Hell, I’m Indian and I’ve been caught in anti-Muslim hate. Through the lens of xenophobic nationalism, anything brown with facial hair is a potential threat. I bet we did have the Second Coming of Christ, but thanks to the Shock & Awe, I bet Jesus, being the bearded brown man that he is, was attacked viciously and decided we’re not really worth it and left. Thanks America. You and the Military Industrial Complex fucked everyone out of heaven…if it’s real. 

And this is not including the regular killings of Black, Brown & Indigenous people at the hands of the Police, aka rich people’s mercenaries. So before America even utters the words “human rights” it needs to clean up the factory that produces human rights violations at home and abroad!

And now to abruptly switch the tone!

Video games! The Xi Jingping administration is cracking down on video games, according to corporate media. Today minors in China, can’t play more than 3 hours of video games on the weekend. They’re also banned from playing video games during the week. To most people this sounds insane, but there’s a cultural explanation to this. 

China’s education system is high pressure and very competitive. You start with Bagels and Biology and end with Steak and Statistics. Plus then there’s extra circulars as well. So these kids likely don’t have more than 3 hours of free time to play video games. And besides, this encourages kids to play outside, spend time with family, read or pursue other creative outlets. 

Look I’m a fan of video games. I think they’re great for relieving stress, creative problem solving, dexterity and ensuring that I don’t follow you home and kill your family for cutting me off in traffic you stupid Corolla! But I put a restriction on myself for gaming! I give myself an hour & a half to 2 hours to game and then I have to move around and do anything else. And I usually only play video games once or twice a week. According to US Corporate Media and Neoliberals, I’d be considered a self-authoritarian. To everyone with a functional brain, I’m showing discipline and self autonomy.

But this law is aimed towards younger kids, you know the ones that haven’t figured out discipline or self autonomy. For fucks sake I know people in their 40s with no discipline and self autonomy. Video games tend to be addictive…even to adults…trust me…There was a moment where I would’ve sucked yo’ dick for a…you know what its not the time.

These kids are likely to be less distracted and can concentrate on their education a bit more. Look I’m not a huge fan of the law, but I thinks far from authoritarian. It’s not like their jailing children for playing video games too long. There’s no Gulag for Grand Theft Auto. Theres no prison for visiting the Playstation Store. There’s no slammer for using Kirby’s hammer. There’s no jail time for playing the Sands of Time. There’s no solitary confinement for online multiplayer enjoyment.

But this law exists in various Southeast Asian countries. It’s part of how competitive and rigorous the education system is. And because of that competitive culture, it allowed the private education industry to thrive and take root in China. 

The Private Tutoring companies that were primarily utilized by the rich in China, were publicly traded on the Stock Market. So Xi Jingping has banned private tutoring corporations in China. [CHI 6] Education is a public commodity in China and they don’t believe its right to profit off that.

But this is only part of the solution to the problem of education. If China wants to eradicate the exploitation of their education system, then it has to be a far less of a competitive culture. Competition to that level only opens the opportunities for exploitative Capitalists to come in and profit off that need to be the best. But banning private tutoring is the first step. 

But it’s hard for American media to attack China’s policy of not commercializing education when most Americans are calling for an end to Student Debt and a restructuring of how education is looked at. So the story becomes about restricting kids freedoms. This is coming from the same country that wants to cancel the school lunch program because kids might get used to eating food. 

That’s not a joke. That’s actually something a school board member said in Wisconsin back in August. They’re claiming free lunches have “spoiled” American families, who’ve become “addicted” … to food. America wants to keep kids hungry for the sake of “the economy” aka some rich asshole’s bottom line, but yes China’s policy of limiting video games for growing, under developed brains is the problem. The hypocrisy is enough to make your head spin. 

If America cancels the school lunch program, which was started thanks to the Black Socialists of the Black Panther Party, it’ll only lead to an underground snack cartel in every playground in America. Kids dealing dime bags of gummy bears, eight balls of crushed up Oreos, or they’d be mainlining juice boxes and passing around a pudding cup. It’s lick, lick, pass! Don’t be a greedy bastard, Jeremy!

Corporate media hides the actual truth by bending the truth about nations and ideologies that don’t serve Capitalism and its addicts. Its not hard to debunk the truth behind the headlines, as long as you’re willing to use a few extra brain cells. That’s literally all it takes to push past propaganda.