Fork Full Of Noodles With Krish Mohan #255 – Is China Socialist Or Capitalist?

America is a nation where Capitalists run amok. Mega Billionaires get to evade taxes regularly and hide their wealth in offshore accounts. That’s right American currency is getting more tans than the American people. The American political system that operates under legalized bribery and is wildly corrupt, but at every turn is calling China corrupt. And there is a reason why…China is regulating its Capitalists. 

Since 1979, when China resigned its isolationism and joined the world economy, there have been Capitalists that have decided to headquarter themselves there. And thanks to the rapid industrialization of its economy, China has the world record on billionaires. Which is another reason America is pissed, because they’re no longer #1 in bastard bad boy billionaires!

China has an income cap that says after you make a certain amount of money, you have to give back to the Common Prosperity program to help the Chinese People. And if they don’t these billionaires get a substantial fine. [CHI 7]

China is also going after Big Tech as well. Particularly companies that deal with transactions. These corporations become micro-lending companies and start acting as a bank. So these companies were subverting government regulation of the banking industry and becoming private banks with a tech focus. This is also known as the American Banking industry. 

China’s anti-corruption law is strict enough that Billionaires and CEOs themselves are becoming corruption watchdogs. Call me cynical, but I don’t see America legislating against Billionaires and CEOS. Billionaires keep getting tax loopholes because they own politicians that write the laws. In China, Billionaires don’t have any influence over the politicians. And they sure as shit aren’t getting named “Person of the Year” by neoliberal, out of touch magazines. 

Again this by no means is saying that China has officially defeated Capitalism & the concept of corruption. But it is maintaining it and it still has work to do. Gig Economy workers in China are exploited in the same manner as gig economy workers in the US. Gig economy workers work 12 hour days in order earn enough income to survive. The CEOs say the workers should be blessed for this job and its “flexibility”. So the Chinese government is in the process of cracking down on this exploitation as well. 

China also has plans to use data for public good. One of the ways they executed this idea was in their response to COVID. Everywhere you went you had to scan your phone so it registered who was where. Now this sounds super intrusive, but that information was used by Health Ministry to send messages to people if they’ve been in the same space as someone who’s contracted COVID. This is how they were able to stay ahead of the pandemic. 

Their Personal Information Protection Law prevents the data to be used for consumerism, tracking, spying or selling that data for any number of mostly nefarious reasons. This means you won’t get an ad for cheese on your instagram because your girlfriend’s friend posted about cheese. 

That’s not really an exaggeration. A few Christmas’s ago, when was still married, my ex wife was looking a purse. About 10 minutes later, as I was scrolling Facebook, I got an ad for the exact purse she was looking at on her phone! Big Tech Simps will say it’s just coincidence or that good ol’ Zuck was trying to help my marriage, but we all know better. Zuck doesn’t give a fuck when he’s just tryin to turn a buck. 

So the big question is whether China is a Capitalist or Socialist country. The mainstream answer is it really depends. But the real answer is that China’s perspective is and has been Socialist. The goal is to build a Socialist society. Land, Labor, Technology, Capital and Data are meant to be used to uplift the lives of the Chinese people. This means that this is a society where individuals live with each other with collective responsibility. 

There’s no road map to build Socialism. One can make the same argument about Capitalism. The difference is Capitalism doesn’t learn from its mistakes, it just figures out how to hide them for a little bit. Slavery is arguably one of the largest mistakes made by Capitalism and yet it still uses slave labor to drive consumerism. At least with Socialist governments they’re figuring out how to reduce repeating the same mistakes and come up with newer solutions. 

The expectation of Capitalists is that after a Socialist or Communist revolution, there should be utopia the day after. They use this absurd messaging mixed with flowery faux academic language to discredit the work being done to build a Socialist society from rubble. The real reason for so much western aggression over China is because it proves that Socialism does in fact work, even in a country as large as China.

China and America are inexplicably linked considering China is the world’s manufacturer. It shows that after 1979, China was more in control of American Capitalism than America was. Consider how many American Flags and American Flag undies are made in China! Even Marx & Engles talk about marketization being good for creativity and innovation. That’s what they did when they opened up to the rest of the world. They figured out a way to use capital to develop social programs and equitable distribution. 

Look, Isolationism is inherently not Socialist. You can’t be a Socialist if you’re not a little you know…Social. 

So when it comes to critiques about China, it really depends whats convenient for Capitalists. Anything that benefits China and grows their economy is obviously because of America’s Capitalist influences. But when they implement laws like restricting hours for video games or regulating billionaires, it’s because they’re Authoritarian Socialists…ugh there’s that oxymoron headache again.

China used Socialism to eradicate poverty, and is an example of what you can do when you put the lives of people in front of profit. And it can help other countries achieve the same thing. Capitalist giants like America tried to stop this progress since the beginning with economic sanctions, militarism and spreading misinformation. That’s like kicking someone when they’re down. But the plan is failing because China is now on its way to construct a society that looks beyond Capitalism.