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In order to create content & perform comedy full time, I would need to make approximately $2500/month to keep up with basic needs (rent, food, bills, gas), hosting costs for podcasts, virtual shows & streaming and a little recreation here and there. Right now, all together the donations I’m receive are at approximately $192/month (just under 10% of what I need). 

The closer I get to this financial goal, I’ll be able to do the following:

  1. Create daily content. This will include 4 livestreams/week on top of all the regular weekly written content I produce such as New Fork Full Of Noodles & Dispatches. Each week one livestream will be dedicated to labor actions across the nation & one livestream dedicated following up on stories I’ve covered in the past.  
  2. I’m currently doing virtual shows on a monthly basis. I’ll be able to add a monthly member only show, that’ll include discussions and a Q&A. This will be recorded and released as premium content for members who couldn’t attend these shows. 
  3. Panel Discussion shows, which will end up becoming episodes of Taboo Table Talk. 
  4. Nerd Talk Show with special guests talking to discuss socio-political themes and issues in comic books, sci-fi & films and the politics surrounding Hollywood. These will also likely become episodes of Taboo Table Talk.  
  5. More journalism & coverage of direct action, mutual aids and local elections.
  6. One essay or story per week posted to my email list first & then posted on my website one day after.
  7. Rokfin & Odysee only streams breaking down song lyrics, TV shows & movies. This way there’s no copyright infringement & it’s only available for Rokfin and Odysee subscribers & followers 
  8. Full Time Touring becomes a lot easier. Plus I’ll be able to afford more flights to hit the West Coast, Europe, India & Canada Sustaining members get free tickets and everyone else will tickets at a lower price. 

Additional donations beyond the $2500/month will allow me to hire a video editor to help alleviate that task from my plate, so I can focus more on writing and producing content. I can also hire a producer to help with virtual shows & livestreams to ensure less technical glitches! PLUS I’ll be able to support other creators and donate regularly to mutual aid organizations across the nation. 

But if I can do this full time, I’d also be able to reduce a lot of stress of not having multiple jobs, take care of my mental & physical and be able to strike a balance between my personal & professional life. It would give me the chance to do what I want in terms of striking balance between work & recreation! 


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